were all the same

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I fucking hate fake people, and more so little fucks that cry ever time the world doesnt smile back. get the fuck over yourself were all stuck on this fucking rock.after all when you truly stripe it all down were just humans all wanting the same in some form are fashion.

Submitted: April 01, 2007

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Submitted: April 01, 2007




A fuck you thrown in my face.

Followed by your middle finger just incase.

You want to make sure I get the gesture.

How about I break your fucking finger and shove it up your ass.

You fucking poetic molester

Bitching about how you don't care.

As you hide away in your box still sitting there.

So tough, so bad.

Full of opinionated hate and always so mad.

The real problem you can't face.

Behind your favorite black lace.

Far beyond your white paced skin.

You've got no story to tell.

You didn't come from hell.

To prove you're not going to conform.

Yelling "I'm not of the norm".

I hate you wish I wasn't born.


In this world were everyone follows to be slaughter like a cow.

Try to fight this, you don't know how.

You're the only fish flopping around.

That was caught in societies net of self expression.

While the rest, the conformed lie there still on the ground.

You're the first to get notice, your fresh without a question.

But to be notice is what you wanted all the time.

As you ponder words of acceptances and put them to rhyme.

For your cries are heard by all that can see.

You just want a little respect just like me.







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