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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

Julian is terrible with Potions. He hates the subject with a passion. And, to boot, they won't let him pair up with Wilfred for the project.

And so, naturally, he puts it off until the last day and tries to get the other boy to do it for him.

(Set in the Potterverse.)



“I cannot believe you left this until the last day."

"I wouldn't have had to if you'd agreed to partner up with me in the first place,"

"The partners were assigned, Julian. Every professor in Hogwarts is well aware of the fact that placing me as your partner would get naught done on both of our regards."

For a second, Julian looked at him like what he had said was the most blasphemous of sacrilegious offences and Wilfred could hardly keep himself from leaning a little bit further away from him. It looked like the Hufflepuff didn't take note of this, but he still shuffled closer on the red couch of the Gryffindor Common Room anyway.

"Well, that's complete codswallop, if you ask me. We make a fantastic pair! An extraordinary pair!" His words were lined with indignation that was clearly visible on his face, dark brow furrowed and looking - in Wilfred's opinion - like he very well could have gone up to the Staff Table at the Great Hall and declared this out loud to them without batting an eye.

He took it upon himself to shoot down this possibility, looking at Julian calmly with his hands folded in his lap. "We would most likely get distracted one way or another, Jewel. It is better this way," The redhead said, his tone as soothing and even as he could make it, to try and prompt some sense of volume into Julian - it was late, the Common Room was virtually free of people and it was a school day tomorrow. If he didn't quieten down Julian's natural boisterousness he would probably be landed with dealing with a sizeable number of grumpy Gryffindors come the following day.

As if he could all but read Wilfred's thoughts, Julian picked up an even louder voice.

"No it ain't! I've got to hand in this thingy to whatshisname tomorrow morning - how is that supposed to be better?" He sounded like he was honestly despairing over the matter, yet he still made not the slightest movement to bend over the table and actually start his homework. But Wilfred wasn't the sort to remain with a cool head - Julian's despair became his despair, and the neatness to his figure flew away, unseen, rendering him in a position that would look much more natural on anyone save for him. He leant into the poofy back of the crimson couch, putting a hand to his head and covering his eyes with it, as if the makeshift darkness aided the thought process.

"What about your partner? Have they not done it with you?"

"You make it sound like I even bothered to remember who my partner was."

The redhead opened a gap through his fingers to peek at Julian curiously. The boy was scowling at the seemingly ludicrous notion, dark eyes casting a loathing glance at the parchment on the low wooden table. Wilfred's lips perked up. He shouldn't have felt that sliver of happiness within at the thought of Julian not caring for a partner other than himself, but he did feel it and he most certainly did not regret it. "You are a disaster, Jewel," He said it with obvious fondness - at least, to him is seemed obvious - and a small smile still peeking out through his lips, but it passed right over Julian's head. The Asian boy bristled, gaze fixing like a dart on Wilfred once again.

"And you're a mean idiot that won't help a poor soul get his homework done in time," He countered, shrouded in a very clear ha-take-that-on-for-a-size sort of air that prompted a huff out of Wilfred. "...I meant - never mind. I am going to help you, stop fretting," He assured, reaching forward tentatively, meaning to put a hand against Julian's cheek, but his destination changed abruptly and his fingers squeezed around the boy's nose instead. "And please, don't call me an idiot."

But Julian's cloud of bad humour had lifted at the sound of getting help from the redhead and now he smiled, brushing his last words aside with a sweep of his hand, taking importance off of Wilfred's request without the slightest difficulty. "It was something said in the heat of the moment - you can't possibly hold it against me, Willy-Boy," The nasality to his voice seemed to not bother him much at all so Wilfred was swift in allowing his grip to slacken until his hand fell back into place, leaning on his own knee.

Julian shuffled closer, all smiles of innocent triumph that had involved some right cheating, but it was difficult to hold anything against him.

Wilfred had learnt to accept that a good while ago.

He shook his head, the smile contagious, breaking over his face and lighting it up despite how dully tired he had looked just a few minutes prior. When he'd heard foul words getting yelled at the portrait guarding the entrance to the Common Room and opened it up to see Julian midway through articulating a rather complex insult. At the thought, the smile broadened even further, bewitched to forget about the homework that Julian really ought to be doing.

"Ha! Well - hang on. See? this is what I meant by getting distracted, come on, you have to focus," He closed the distance between them so that they were hip against hip, sternly instructing the Hufflepuff to pick up the parchment on the table, taking into his grasp Julian's Potions book and flipping the tome open, leafing through. Wilfred was good at Potions, but even if he hadn't been there was no doubt in his mind that he would do his best to try and help the other with his essay anyway.

"Spoilsport." Julian mumbled under his breath, sighing as he picked up his quill and scribbled down his name onto the top.

To be honest, he tried. He really did. He tried to make Julian think, he tried to let him reach the right conclusion by himself, but he made a terrible teacher and ended up answering all of Julian's questions, breezing through the book for any answers he wasn't sure of. Seconds melted into minutes and as these became larger units the two got more and more tired. Gradually they shifted towards the arm of the couch, eventually kicking their shoes off and Julian charming his quill to write down what he said, upon the declaration that his hand was mere moments away from needing a hasty amputation. He seemed to have mostly gotten the hang of the task after around an hour, reclaiming the book from Wilfred when the redhead started to droop, eyelids heavy and head lolling to the side every now and again, exhaustion getting to him in the end, despite his desire to help.

The fifth time that he did this, Julian sprawled himself out over the couch, pressing into the back of it and beckoning the redhead to lie next to him, looped in his arms. Wilfred obliged sleepily, curling into the brunet, head atop his chest and one hand resting over Julian's torso as well, fingers slowly fiddling with his clothes. His knees were bent, one under and one over the Hufflepuff's right leg. At first, Julian tortured him by reading aloud and voicing the instructions for his quill quite audibly, requesting Wilfred's attention and making him blearily keep himself awake, even if just out of sheer willpower. But the minutes still trickled away and he ended up curling one arm to let his fingers weave into the red locks of the boy scarcely awake on his chest, lowering his voice until he spoke only the bare necessary in order to not disturb him.

"Jewel..." Wilfred yawned, his fingers twitching into a tighter grip of Julian's outer layer, "Jewel, I'm so sleepy..."

He could feel Julian's heart beating against his ear, the smooth and steady sound acting as the perfect lullaby, the warmth of his body only adding onto the feeling of being tremendously tired. Without really noticing, he dropped a kiss against the Hufflepuff's chest, burrowing his head further in but still trying to keep himself slightly awake for Julian's sake. He had the feeling that the boy would later deny this wholeheartedly, but he felt himself get pulled closer in a remarkably affectionate movement, before lips pressed into his hair almost imperceptibly.

"You can go to sleep if you want."

It was as if he'd just been obediently waiting for that sentence all along, finally able to give in to the sporadic shuttings of his eyes and letting out one last yawn that carried along with it something that sounded oddly like: "Love you, g'night," before he was reclaimed by sleep and his body quickly lost all tension.

Julian didn't last much longer, scruffily finishing off the homework in a babbling whisper, his own eyes closing dangerously. The textbook dropped out of his grip at last, falling to the floor harmlessly, and before he too fell asleep he hugged Wilfred's sleeping form to him with both arms, giving him an uncharacteristically gentle squeeze.

"Love you too," He murmured, full well knowing that the redhead wouldn't be able to hear him.

Submitted: September 03, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Willoughby Blair. All rights reserved.

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I love your writing style! Great read. :)

Sun, November 1st, 2015 3:37am


Waaaah thank you~ *A*

Sun, November 1st, 2015 11:22pm

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