Modern-day Fairy Tale

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With fairy tales becoming outdated we need something new. Normal people don't get to marry princes. So, what makes a perfect life? It's your choice. And this is Morgan's.

Submitted: November 30, 2010

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Submitted: November 30, 2010



Modern-day Fairy Tale

This can't be happening, she thought. No, no, no! She clutched at her hair as she looked at the person behind the counter. “Try it again,” she pleaded with him.

“I've tried it three times already, ma'am.”

She flinched as the teenager called her “ma'am.” She wasn't that much older than him. She was only 28. Okay, fine, 29. And her 30th birthday was this weekend. But she wasn't old. “Just once more. Please?” The boy sighed and swiped her card through the slot. The display screen flashed “denied” in large green letters. The customers behind her sighed and the woman directly behind her tapped her foot like she had somewhere very important to be right at that moment.

“Ma'am,” the boy used the dreaded word again, “if you leave the items here we can put them back.” Morgan gaped at the boy behind the counter. She tried to argue with him but nothing would com out. Tired and aggravated beyond belief, she turned on her heel and walked out of the grocery store, head held high despite the embarrassment she was feeling.

The sun blinded her as she stepped out onto the pavement. She rubbed her stomach and looked into the parking lot. Where was Leon? He said that he would be here. She couldn't understand it. She had no food, no money, and if her so-called boyfriend didn't show up soon she would be walking home.

Finally Morgan saw Leon's car pull into the parking lot. As he pulled up in front of her she felt a slight twinge of pain in her stomach, but dismissed it as hunger pains.

“You're late, Leon,” she said.

“I got here as fast as I could, dear.”

“Not fast enough, dear.” Leon sighed inwardly and just apologized. He figured her moodiness was just due to hormones, until he saw that there were no bags in her arms.

“So there's no food again tonight?” he asked as he helped Morgan manuvere her large stomach into the car.

“The card was declined” Morgan said, managing to sit. As she sat there struggling to get her legs into the car, another pain hit. This was more intense than the first. She stopped moving and held her stomach. Leon saw the movement and panicked.

“Morgan? What's wrong? Are you all right? What should I do?!”

Morgan slowly reached up and calmly grabbed his shirt. She pulled him down so they were face to face. “Drive. To the. Hospital.” She let him go and shut herself in the car, while Leon ran to the other side. As soon as he was in he drove as fast as he could to the hospital. Morgan held her stomach and gritted her teeth against the ever increasing pain.

As soon as they got into the hospital they were taken into a delivery room. Here the couple sat and waited and waited and waited. A doctor came in once or twice and took a look, but he said it still wasn't time.

The pain was becoming unbearable now. Morgan occasionally screamed to release some of the energy being built up by the pain. When the doctor finally came back in he announced that it was time for the baby to come out. “F-finally,” Morgan exclaimed, ready to get the baby out.

But the doctor also had some bad news. They had apparently missed the narrow window she had to get an epidural. Morgan looked at the doctor, shocked. Leon looked slightly angry, then slightly amused as a pillow sailed across the room and hit the doctor in the face. The doctor didn't miss a beat and just said that he would be back in five minutes time.

As soon as he was gone, Leon ran over next to Morgan's bed. “Morgan, I have something to ask you.” He took a deep breath and pulled out a small box from his pocket. Inside was a tiny diamond rong. “Morgan, will you--”

Leon was interrupted by a pillow in his face. When he saw Morgan again she looked even more angry. Her brown hair clung to the back of her neck with sweat, the product of a twelve hour labor. Her eyes which often shown with a little of every color, now seemed to glow red.

“Now?!? she screamed. “You're asking me this now?!”

“Fifth times the charm?” Leon chuckled. “Oh come on. Let me see your rainbow eyes--” Leon again found himself being cut off.

“My rainbow eyes are going to shoot lasers at you if you don't shut up!”

“Please marry me?”

“Marry you? I won't just marry you, I'll throw you a freaking parade if this kid comes out of me in the next hour!” Morgan screamed as the doctor came back in with a delivery team.

Fifty-five minutes later, after much pushing and probably more explitives than anyone has heard in their lifetime, Morgan was holding her newborn daughter in her arms. Leon sat on the bed beside her, his arm around her. He smiled down at his daughter.

“What shall we call her” he asked in a whisper.

“Laura,” Morgan whispered back.

“Laura.” He smiled and kissed her head.

Morgan smiled and watched Leon. “Congrats father,” she said. Lean leaned in and kissed Morgan's lips softly.

“Thanks, mother.”

Morgan kept Leon close and kissed him again. “Congrats...fiancee.” As she said this a smile spread across Leon's face and small tears appeared in his eyes. He slowly slipped the ring on her finger as he kissed her again.

True to her word Morgan married Leon the next summer, and from that moment on everything seemed to be right. Leon got a job and made plenty of money. Morgan stayed home with her daughters, for she had eight more, and she earned her degree online. In her opinion, she truly lived happily ever after.

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