Suicide is .....

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Submitted: January 11, 2012

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Submitted: January 11, 2012



Suicide Is....

Suicide is an action that a student may carry out when he or she is depressed. He or she thinks that’s the right thing to do, I was recently stuck with a friend who wanted to kill themselves in this case it’s a girl. She is struggling with the thought of school, and life outside. When she told me she was going to kill herself I thought to myself, that’s not good. I asked her if she told anyone else, she said she didn’t. When she said that I felt responsible, so that night I prayed for her. I prayed for her because she’s too young to die.

It was a Friday afternoon when I heard that my friend tried to kill herself, when I heard that I couldn’t eat anymore. I was like why would she do this, she can’t die, I like her.  I told her that killing herself wouldn’t solve anything. The first time she tried to kill herself her friend Sam walked in on her. Sam was like what the heck are you doing, you’re not going to die on me like this. Sam went up to her and took the pills out of her hand, luckily she didn’t take any yet. What if Sam didn’t come over that night, would she be dead. I’m the one who got Sam and this girl to be friends, I’m thankful for that.

This girl was going through depression like pills, she was having trouble with school and other stuff. School for her was a big thing, she had troubles in all her classes, and the one she hated the most was math. Math class basically gave her nothing but fits in her brain, she would go home at night and throw her math homework away. She just hated math a lot, I mean that subject made her depressed even more.  School period made her think about killing herself even more. I’m surprised that she just didn’t drop out of school.

Friday October 20, 2011 was the day I tried to convince this girl that killing herself wasn’t the right thing to do.  The way I found out was by her friend’s Sam and Julie. I saw the way she was acting and I asked what was going on, I asked this girl that wanted to commit suicide. She didn’t tell me so I kept asking, she wouldn’t tell me. Finally her friend Julie told me. When Julie told me that this girl wanted to commit suicide I couldn’t eat any more, I was too sad to eat. After I was told I was speechless, I had no idea my friend would ever think about killing themselves. After lunch I have Health with her, so I ask her nicely why she wanted to kill herself. She said,” I don’t know Will, why do you think I want to kill myself?” I said I don’t know either, that day went on sadly for me.

That day after school I walked her to the bus stop at Glenn Raymond (JHS). I stayed with her until her step dad came to pick her, because she missed the bus. When we were sitting their she said that her mom liked me a lot. I was surprised because I only meat her once at the Halloween party, but I was okay with it. This girl said,” My mom also thinks you like me, is that true?” I said “Yeah,” When I said that a smile appeared on her face, and she hugged me. When she hugged me , I thought that everything was going to be alright with her, that  she wasn’t going to kill herself, I was happy.

When her dad picked her up I asked if I could go to their house with them. He said that his wife’s friends were coming over so I couldn’t, but he offered me a ride to somewhere. He dropped me off at my x- girlfriend’s house. The weekend went by, and Monday came, I was tired and sad. I was sad because I heard that this girl wanted to commit suicide again. I thought that she was over that but I was wrong. When I saw her at lunch that day I just sat there and waited for her to say something. Her friends Sam and Julie were sitting beside her , and my friends were too. Her friend Sam was the one who told me what happened. She told me that she  tried to shoot herself in the head with one of her dad’s guns in the bathroom. When she tried pulling the trigger she couldn’t do it, she just  collapsed on to the floor and laded there for awhile.

October 23, 2011 after lunch in fifth hour health class this girl started crying out of nowhere. Mr. Hartman (the teacher) asked her what was wrong, she didn’t answer. He asked again, again no answer, so he told her to go out to the hall. She listened that time and got up and went out to the hall, two minutes after that he went out to the hall and talked to her. When she came in her eyes were as red as cherry’s. Everybody was looking at her like what the heck happened, when the teacher came in everybody looked down. I was just speechless, I was disappointed.

This girl is now getting help from counselors at this school. There’s know need to report this to anyone, because I already did. This girl learned that suicide is not the right thing to do, she regrets ever thinkng about committing suicide. Now she realizes that if she did go through killing herself she could’ve hurt the people that loved her very much. She told me she erased the thought of killing herself from her mind. When she told me that I hugged her and said, thank you for deciding to live and not die.

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