Stolen (A poem by William Wareing)

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This is a poem about how I feel toward those that plagiarize my hard work.

Submitted: March 14, 2013

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Submitted: March 14, 2013





By Will Wareing


Each etch of ink

Echoes my pain

For all my work

Is now in vain


Little tis the space

Upon my chains

I’m bound to lose

All my work in vain


An anger brews

My fury swollen

For each word I write

Is forever stolen


This name shall die

Yet its thief yet live

From this it’s hard

To have much to give


Thrown to ash

Is peace of mind

For dark is now

All which once shined


Each and every

Blot of ink

Is no now longer

Mine to think


My heart pounds fast

With a newfound dreary

For this great evil

Has made me weary


So here I lie

Morose and sullen

Because all that I might have held dear

Now lies in unjust hands and stolen

© Copyright 2018 WillWareing. All rights reserved.

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