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Its just a little bit about my life and my feeling

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Submitted: March 19, 2013




Everynight , its hard to lay down and rest and sleep

These creatures in my nightmares get the best of me

Sittin down writing poems, lookin at the totem

its do dumb , but so real , this is all i feel 

Anger, i used to have cancer, wish it would took me 

but it didnt so now im remenissin , tryna complete the mission

god sent me to , naw i aint a believer

if theres a god, why do wrong things happen

I guess in my life hes abesent

He slackin , Ive been waitin

but my hopes have been forsaken

taken, but im happy im still sane

but can this reign , make me man

perhaps it can , perhaps i am

He asked for my soul and i turned em down

All these crazy sounds i hear at night

Its wierd it doesnt fill me with fright

but in other words despite

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