Confession in Detention

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
an historic event of an unpleasant end.

Submitted: October 18, 2010

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Submitted: October 18, 2010




Hellomy Queen,This  is  my  words  to  youfor  the  firsttime onsheets,hope  it  reachesyourheart.

My Queen;  through  it  all ,I've  come  torealisethat idon'tdeserve  you  nor  your  love.

after sometimeoftears,Idiscoveredi'mnotworthyof  love, forit  came

rightbefore  meandiblew  it.  call  me  silly, stupid,  foolishfor  thatis what  IAM.

My  Queen;  thoughindisarray,  istiilfightback toseehowicouldgetbackintoyour

armsagain.see  thatigothroughpainsrightnowbutdo notpity  mefori

reap   theaftermathofmystupidityandignorance.

MyQueen; ican'treachouttoyounow,  myguiltiskillingme.  thoughshegotsome

of mytimebutnotthebestofit,a  littleofmy heartbutnotallofit.

MyQueen; mylastoutingwas  bad,soigot soscaredofgettingcommittedagain.  pls

donot eventhinkirejectedyou,onthecontraryigave myheart  relunctantly.

MyQueen; idonotintendtodefendmyself,for idon'thavetheperfectwordstomake  up

orreverse  my wrongs.

MyQueen; ilongforyourcompassionateheartandlove, i guessisjusttoomuch  to  asknow,

may  betilli findmywayback  inyourarmsagain.

 MyQueen; i'mnotsayingitisinappropriatetoget angrybutletitnotlinger,loosenupabit

andlooktowards  meagain.

 MyQueen; thiswordsarenotmeanttotickleor teaseyourathertoseizeeverygrudge.  ofa

truth,  ionly writewhenibleed,ifeelsoremorsedforall  idid.

MyQueen; idon'tseemtoconnectrightnow. for alliwishmyself, iwishtoyou  aswell. ipray

thatyouprosper andbeingoodhealthandsoul  befloodedwithlight.

In asmuchasmyheartbleeds, sogreatismylove towardsyou.

IMissyouma !

p.s-I  needyoutosurvive.

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