One night in Paris is like a lifetime in any other place.

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Kilgore Trout is time traveling for his clients. He must go to Paris before the Nazi showed up and meet a great artist. The artist will become one the most successful artist of his time, but he fears death and wants to see what happens to his work when he was dead.

Submitted: September 07, 2014

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Submitted: September 07, 2014



One night in Paris is like a lifetime in any other place.

(One night in Paris will wipe the smile off your pretty face.)
The time chronicles of Kilgore Trotsky Trout:
author Kilgore Trosky Trout
Music: Cubist Cinema
Illustration: Kilgore Trotsky Trout,and Picasso

I, Kilgore Trout and my band Cubist Cinema was time traveling to Paris, just before the Nazis invaded, and I decided it was a good time to meet Pablo Picasso. I could not interfere by stopping the Nazis, as once one screws with events he or she
sends the world in an unknown spin, that could make it even worse. I know. How could you get worse than the Nazis? However, my clients informed me that the human race has a prestigious knack for making things worse not better. Personally, I
thought about killing Hitler and then going forward in time, but the Tramadorians advised against it

My band is D. M. Satan guitar, bass and wind, and Frank Oppenheim on keyboards; all those louts are still asleep in the hotel room. Like all bands, the guitar player has a habit of sleeping with some tramp, and forgetting to practice his art, the keyboard player has a habit of dreaming that he is the guitar player, so he can sleep with those same tramps.

Ironically, at times we can make wondrous music, but the inner pulse of one’s ego destroys the community, like all interactions between humans, there is that egocentric time bomb. So it goes, with civilization, bands, business, etc. To quote George Harrison: “ALL THROUGH THE DAY, I ME MINE!”It all ends becoming a time bomb of imploding filth built about the turf turd
blossom of jealousy and ego.

It is I, Kilgore Trout that provides the percussion and drum set artistry, which also forced me to become the time managers for my clients, yes the clichéd but real aliens. The Tramadorians are bunch of insect-like creatures whose intellect shames
the human race into a class of species that should have died off like the dodo bird. Well, actually, the Tramadorians already pointed out that our race is scheduled to slip into that category, but since they control the time machine, I am not allowed to
mention that exact date. Plus the fact, the time machine has an inherent bug in its software for the wormhole. Yes, a wormhole. You, Republicans or the anti-science crowd can stop looking at porn on the Internet for five minutes, and search for such concepts as worm-holes, relativity for more knowledge. I have the time, but not the patience; you see the wormhole sometimes makes me jump into all different time points, like a friggin American tourist taking in the Louvre in fifteen minutes. I am frazzled from the mere jolt to the wormhole.

The Parisians were now a nervous bunch, like rabbits who had the good life only to end up in the stew pot. France had drunk too much in their glory days and had gotten like the Americans: Lazy and full of pate instead of hot dogs, hubris and wine
instead of beer and baseball. Bad management and ineptitude of leaders along with the 1930’s depression let the country slide without any sort of military prep for the oncoming onslaught from the conceited Krauts, the Bosch bandits. My mind/body now
sees forward images of flashy Mercedes, Bmws, the sporty Porsches filled in my view,that in the world of the crazy future 2012, people will buy high-priced cars by the grandsons and granddaughters of Nazi murders, even the descendants of Chosen people will buy the Kraut mobiles without an afterthought of how could I be so dumb? Why did I buy an overpriced car from some country whose main goal was to wipe my people off the face of the earth?
An American Cadillac is not good enough? Why not a Swedish Volvo, at least were neutral in the war? I believe that sold arms to both sides. They also took in Jewish refugees, so an ethical consideration for the Volvo makes that Yuppie choice more palatable.

An American Cadillac is not good enough? Why not a Swedish Volvo, at least were neutral in the war? I believe that sold arms to both sides.They also took in Jewish refugees, so an ethical consideration for the Volvo makes that Yuppie choice more palatable. While walking and functioning with this Worm-hole machine, which is the size of your Iphone, I have noticed that its main software bug is that the wearer thoughts are tied directly into the machine causing unforeseen travels. “OH SHIT…. THERE IT

Just as I thought about this the Worm hole machine automatically turns itself on and throws me into the tunnel of time. SON OF BITCH………
NOW, I am walking down a street in Hollywood California, the year 2012 and I have been dropped outside a car-dealership in an exclusive neighborhood. I see a middle age somewhat balder, fatter Jerry Seinfield, buying another Porsche to add to his already large collection of German penis enlarging vehicles.
Since, I can change my time and place, I have no problem insulting this overpaid excomedian.


Back into the wormhole the light moved me back into the Paris of the hipster, writer,painter, the home of fashionable and cranky, nervous Parisians. Flashes of the 1930’s styles, and the cubes of light, pulsate as my body is reassembled, while I see the Paris streets move around in a traffic of impatient drivers, and hawkers, gawkers, pimps,prostitutes, shop girls, office drones, thieves and beggars. My luck of course did hold, as I do not land my bulgy American body inside a nice café. No! This fucking device,screwed up once again.
Now I was flung back into the dank, smelly sewer of Paris. I am among the sewer rats, and I can even hear the Nazi rats rumbling forward soon to be the occupiers of the city of lights is made apparent by vibrations of troops being moved, as the sewers are rumbling and shaking. The wormhole time machine dropped me off me inside the sewer
right next to a giant rat, who seemed to be grinning at me. “Nice boy, calm down, your life down here is safer, then on the outside.”
Even Alien technology is not flawless. Lucky for me, I found the ladder to the sewer grate above head, and I popped out like an American clown into the Latin quarter of Paris, which some would consider the same thing, as the sewer I had been in.

Picasso’s France is a hip and lovely just waiting like a lonely teenager on a summer's night having a inner turmoil with itself. Be an angel or the devil. The devil is much more fun, the angel just a bore. Like Americans, the French can’t judge
themselves with honesty. So until the shit hits the fan they will not look into the mirror to see that behavior will put them on the list of cowards and collaborators who besmirch their own good name. However, when the wolf is at your door, it may be
better to feed them Granny and hope for the best.

Sadly,the French will judge others more harshly like conceited prom queens. Yes, the Parisians and not all French are a judgmental bunch. The French showed us the best and worst in the human race. They sometimes strive for art, but then think
their shit doesn’t stink; they think they are the best cooks, the best lovers, the country of the civilized perfumed elite with a style and flair that puts others to shame. However, these are the same people who screwed up their own revolution.
Now, sleep on France and you will wake to and your pain it will not be a dream. Americans will later become French in their success, and they will have to kiss the asses of their masters, until they to have lost their empire. For now just wait. It will be a
long time before the Americans can get you your country back. The French people are not cowards, as led to believe by other countries PR machines, but have a horrible knack like Americans to pick some of the worst Generals and
leaders at exactly the wrong time.

Airplanes are interesting toys but of no military value."
- Marshal Ferdinand Foch [Professor of Strategy, Ecole Superieure de Guerre] (circa

"The Horse is Here to Stay, but the Automobile is Only a Novelty, a Fad." ........... Marshal Foch, France's Top General

“ I am not a crook!” Richard Nixon.

I feel like I am living a waking dream. Clouds of the shade of burgundy wine surround the night sky, and moon turns a blood blob of sliver and red. An opium pipe is passed and smoked as Picasso takes out a pencil and draws his view of France. It is a horrid dwarf of Napoleon with Marie Antoinette holding his tiny penis and a destroyed French flag, while a bull steps on his head. No wonder the French hated him, not to mention that he keeps on shagging their younger women. He is such a horny old goat.

I am still in the Latin quarter of Paris, which is and seems always will be the seedier side of Paris. I see the immitigable pegmatite Pablo getting drunk in the locals hangout. He is bitching about how the French having denied him citizenship.
Since 1901, the French police have been watching him like J Edgar Hoover controlling their romantic souls.
Pablo is being watched by the Dali dissolving eyes of the Cops. Their eyes are always on this little bulldog painter. As Pablo was an artist and commie which are a big no,no for even the Frogs.

I spot the great man. Sitting at the bar is Pablo solid and  built like a bulldog or block of bricks. If he didn’t strut like a conceited peacock,along the jingle of his cash, most ladies would have not found him attractive, but since times are tough, all the ladies watch the great painter with interest. “Vous muets bâtards français” Pablo spits out his French insult with his Spanish accent, which already offends the touchy Parisians.

The drunken Parisians defend their honor from the Spaniard. “You stole Picasso, Matisse is the genius and you a mere
Spanish dog.”
“ My kid’s poop looks better than your paintings you fool.”

For a culture that had created independence, an orderly city of lights, a world of art with new ideas, sadly the city was going to end up like a teenage street girl, raped and pillaged by the power-mad Germany pigs.Pablo didn’t need to time travel to see this. He was a Spaniard whose country gave the world the prototype dictator Franco, and that son of a bitch lived on and on…. If there is a God, you think he would have given those dictators some horrid disease that would have killed them just before they took office. Even the god of the chosen people didn’t intervene, as six-million or so souls were turned into ashes, as the German citizen, the Pole, the Frenchman, the Italian seemed to find his inner Mel Gibson crazed hatred that let them turn people into soap, or lampshades. (The Jews killed Jesus didn’t they? There is no statute of limitation on that
When I tapped Pablo on his muscular shoulder, he recognized my American Midwest demeanor and became friendly and exuberant. My introduction was made in high-school Spanish, then English. I found Pablo cheerful; he had got my letter that I was a dealer of art and that my clients would pay big money for his paintings. The letter was written in 1924 and sent for my Trafamordian clients. The Tarfamordians collected human art, as a remembrance of culture that would end up in an ash pile, but they loved history even if it wasn’t there own history.
He laughed when I arrived and told, these painting were going to make him even richer than even Hitler. “Yes, that son of a bitch is a mere bag of donkey dung and hatred.”
( Hitler a successful writer, son of bitch!
“Much of his fortune came from royalties earned on ''Mein Kampf,'' his best-selling autobiography
and political tract, which is still banned in Germany.
But during his time as German leader, every couple who married were given a copy of ''Mein Kampf''
by their local community -- which had to buy the book from the publisher. Talk about your crappy
wedding gift!

According to Mr. Helm, Hitler earned some 7.8 million reichsmarks from the book alone. It is hard to give a precise value in today's currency, but the reichsmarks would be worth some $5 to $8 today, Mr.Helm said -- a tidy sum.) ”

It was the generous drinks and too many tokes on that pipe which flipped my head around too see the world in a new light. Being high on absinthe and opium makes reality a surrealistic crazy quilt of images, as I walk or stagger down the street with Pablo. I noticed that all the Parisian have turned into Reptilians snarling and hissing at the two foreigners.
Picasso and I both are staring back with an insolent manner “fuck you too,” glaring back at them and capturing their faces in our minds eye. “Hold on Pablo, I was given a traveling gift from my clients, a Lecia camera.”

This camera was made for me by the Tafarmodians, so it has been adapted for color, 3-d, sound, ip-location defuser and GPS modifier and with the added computer chip to become my own portable worm hole. For now, I will not mention the added
features to Pablo but introduce him to those later in private, as not to clue in the French, as they have certain Parisians who would turn me and my belonging over to the Nazis, for the money or the status. Whispering in drunken English, I can’t help but artistically, but critique the French girl, in all her glory.
“Pablo look, there she is the Reptile queen of France, look at that leathery skin,
those slits for eyes.”
“Look at the stare of hatred, she is another Komodo dragon lady for your collection.” “Don’t sleep with this one, or she will snap your bulldog neck, like a twig.”

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