PART II: BLOOD AND MILK (The Escape plan)

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Reality of the future is passed on previous behavior and past history. America before the passage of medicare, social security and unemployment insurance was a tough place to live in. Now the Tea-party and the money men are getting their wish, they have recreated the gilded age and the depression simultaneously. Those safety nets are now gone and the American populace of the 47% are finding it a bitch to survive. AND SO IT GOES.


PART II: Blood and milk: (The escape)




I am Angelina now sixteen. I feel dead inside, no real friends, no life outside my basic survival. I finally have stopped crying about my life, but it took months. My father had gone missing after my brother was born. Mom said that pigs would fly before he comes back. Mom tells me to stay away from boys, they are just pigs just cuter than your long-lost father, as now the laws have been changed and birth-control is hard to get unless from the black market, and the Chinese knockoffs sometimes have tiny holes in them. The joke is they are called Trojan Knocked UP. This is the same thing my Mother yells at me when I do try to socialize. “DON'T END UP GETTING KNOCKED UP and put down that cell phone down.”

Most likely, you would not give a damn about this or me or my Mother, especially if you were a party member of the Tea-party revolution you said all are poverty, and struggles were caused by us not trying hard enough. If you were like us, you had the same problems struggling for food, shelter anything to get paid. This left you little time for that fake Franklin Graham compassion. In these times, every station has preacher saying that Jesus will provide. The other part of that message is if you are named Jesus Cruz or anything with a Mexican sounding last name you will be deported. Ironically, the cheap labor base is now the white people without connections or college and the blacks who are legal residence on the bottom of the work ladder. 

My so-called generation just escaped their pain with the new legal drug laws, and the latest trend called cyber-tripping. Google came up with a headset and drug to take your pain away. It was their biggest seller to date; the Google car was only for the rich, and its style made it still a laughable machine as for Google glass it has been now worn by hipster who had made their way up the political ladder or wear the cheap Chinese knock off.

Memories of the prerevolution are being erased from my fogged up brain. I have vague recall of listening as My Grandmother at the end of her professorship seeing the signs of Rand Paul's wink and nod to legalize drugs, as it being a libertarian shell game to give the public, a drug filled bone while eliminating their public schools, EPA, and social security. Granny called this the Roman bread and circus plan while the empire collapses. Granny lost her job when she became more critical of the new Tea-party in Washington. Before Granny was stripped of her job, she wrote a paper on the use of drugs to stop the masses from overthrowing the new regime. Damn she was right, after a while the government opened up clubs for teenagers to dance all night. The E made them happy and not concerned with their forced employment from the new masters.  Most people are looking for something to dull the pain of life. When my Mother, worked nights I went out and tried this at the local Tea-party rave. 

After the initial high and dancing for hours on E-improved there was the low, where we needed massive amount of water to cool off your body and brain. During the cool off time, you were given LSD and your headset to chill you out. The headset gave you a feeling of being back in the womb and then flashed happy memories and images. These memories seemed not mine.

It was a strange and bad trip, as my memories came flooding back. I am in the coal mine with my brother, black and cold. I am seven, and he is six years old. Outside the sun shone, but was buried by the clouds of gases from our coal power station, the air was either Grey or brown, and the birds no longer sang, but like feathered stones, they fell from the trees. Within the breaker (a metal chute), there was blackness, clouds of deadly dust enfolded everything, the harsh, grinding roar of the machinery and the ceaseless rushing of coal through the chutes filled the cave. Before the end of my shift, my job was to pick out the pieces of slate from the hurrying stream of coal, often missing them; my hands were cut and bruised, bloody. I was turned black from head to foot with coal dust. I can barely see my brother working the chute grabbing the coal junks and shoving them in the chute, then I hear the crack and snap. The roof of the mine collapsed right on top of my brother. Nothing but his broken blackened body is left. Next I as seeing a bright light and my trip ended. I am sitting in the back in of the club, crying and the security guard gives me a shot glass of green stuff that will cure my bad trip. It wipes my mind and lost track of just what happened. The next moment there is bartender handing out tabs from a list on his iPad. “You are working tomorrow, so you will need to take this so you feel better.” I ask my girlfriend who was in the next cubicle, what have they just given us. “You going to work tomorrow so they gave you AMF. It is time released tab of the latest upper to get the quota of work out. It is a German drug called arbeit mach Frei, as the chemist who designed thought to give it a joke name. 

I tried once more the Club scene, but I can't take the LSD, as my nightmares of seeing my Brother killed kept seeping in. My mind seems naturally doing recalls, and the drugs don't help but make it worse.  The tea-party kids make fun of me for not going by saying that “ Just tough out you little bitch, just get over it, Rand Paul and the party will fix everything.” Well, he certainly didn't fix my block or Mom's job from being taken over by a friggin robot from EMC.Here is my street in shitville, from my bedroom window from a banned camera phone one those ancient Iphones:My pictures are now turned weird shades of pink to make the image looking better on anything I take.

The Chinese have hacked into all citizens phone is the rumor and it seems that they track us and imprison anyone using a phone for plans of a new revolution.

In the morning, I was awakened by the sound of the bulldozers, now a normal occurrence. This is where eminent domain is applied to our rental houses.  If the Chinese/ Tea-party approved business buy the land, you are removed with one days notice.  Outside there is a crowd shouting to move and run from those condemned houses, as the China/Tain Corporation is demolishing these dilapidated homes to make room for another gated community for the new executives from Beijing. The squatters are running for their lives. An old man stumbles and since he is feeble and weak, he is run over by the Beijing-Tain bulldozer which is run by the prison labor force on work detail; they were hired for their lack of compassion, and cheap wages. It was a pure free-enterprise method to boost profits. A prison wage of 98 cents a day for construction work goes a long way to up to the stock price, and the executives pay packages.

The old guy is squashed like a water bug as the work must continue, he will be washed into the gutter with the power hoses before nightfall. Lights will spotlight the work site for any type of looters or protesters. Looters will be shot on sight, no trial. The Tea-party doesn't want to waste money on long trials, and the Chinese agreed.We had moved to West Virginia when I was eight, skinny and very hungry, as by suburb Mt. Prospect Illinois was sold off and without being Chinese or members of the Tea-Party we were told to move, since our house and property had been confiscated. We owed back taxes on the land, and the Chinese banks were highly motivated to get the land for Mic-mansions. My Mother, Mary was depressed as she knew the better days before the take-over of the government by the Tea-party rebels.

We ended up taking one of those new Chinese high-speed trains to West Virginia, to find work or grow food. The only impressive thing about the Chinese was their ability to build structures and trains with amazing speed, although sometimes both items fell apart since they were made to quickly without any inspections.  The train was sleek and fast hitting speed of hundred miles hour. Mom whispered that America before China had a train that wasn't much faster than a goat pulling a vegetable  wagon. The Chinese kept the price of train tickets to twenty-five cents in order to hoard more gasoline away from American's need to drive cars.  I started off with my little brother age six and I, being seven years old had started working in the Teabody coal mines, at the leisurely pace of a mere four-hour day, after we attended school. Our school was in old closed factory, and it is where we learned about our new great leaders, Rand Paul and his father Ron, Xui  Chan, Ayn Rand, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, Mao and of course Jesus.As a child, we were given simple readers in both Chinese and English and read the works of that lady Ayn Rand and the story of the founding Fathers, Reagan, Rand, Cruz and the Koch Brothers masters of industry. Your education was stopped at the sixth grade unless you showed promise to fulfill a need in the tea-party or had loads of money. 

My work was to ride a motorized cart into the mine and place a plastic explosive in a hole then set the timer and get back to the surface. Once this was done, I was next forced to go back into the shaft and begin loading the carts with broken-up coal.  Clouds of coal dust fill the room and are inhaled by the boys and girls laying kids on the floor with coughing jags and trip to the company doctor, when you started spitting up blood. The doctor would only see you if have paid into the company insurance plan;otherwise, you're left to hope for a charity doctor to take pity on you. If we strike about the conditions, the government calls in the troops who have no problem on firing upon us for not following the free-enterprise system. 

 The Fox News channel calls the strikers, traitorous liberal progressives destroying the great American tradition of free enterprise and laugh at our protests. 

The coal itself was then sent to India and to the poorer sections of America for fuel. Images from the TV showed that the gifted ones, the China officials, businessmen and Southern politicians are secluded in a guarded, walled, clean areas, bubonic. The commercials say if you work harder and become a good citizen you too can get a home and wood or coal for heat or maybe even natural gas if you become a full-fledged tea-party member. 

My Mother said, it was better to get out of those mines before I turned totally old and Grey. Her devotion to me and to stay out of debtors prison made her become an entertainer of men. The Tea-party, although religious turned a blind eye to the Men's clubs that sprouted up in secluded rural areas for the Tea party power elite. Entertainment for Men signs now sprouted up like oil rigs in the corn fields. Mom never let me near her work, but said that she knew how to keep her clients in check, whatever that meant. 

I felt so sorry for my Mother, as she cries before she goes and locks the door with a sadness. She kept on looking at the picture taken from my work by the Tea-party's minister of education Newt Gingrich, and she cried and left for work.“Angelina, you don't have to work in the mines no more..." “I just got a new job that pays more and with the garden we share with the state, we should get you out of that hell hole.” Mom turns on the TV to see if any new corporations are coming into the area, her job forces her to dress funny and leave at night. The only good thing is that are food rations have improved; fresh vegetables and meat are provided by Mother's new job. At night, we are watching TV, as it is mandatory that we don't miss any of President Rand's speeches for school or church meetings. The talk around the workers' camp is that the TV is recording our conversations and movements inside our homes. President Rand said he outlawed the NSA, but his new system called the Saviors of Liberation have taken away people in the middle of the night. These people are never seen again and go directly to the Court of Constitution awareness.

We have access to a state-owned rental big-screen TV, which we are forced to rent from the Cable Company and government. The networks are all run by Fox News features showing the evils of Liberals, Democrats, homosexuals, atheists, the Food Network shows how to cook Raman's noodles, one thousand ways and our Movie channels show Clint Eastwood, Charleston Heston movies and John Wayne movies until midnight. Incredibly, nobody complains about this, but you can see the boredom on their faces. We hear rumors that certain members Rand's government had their own TV channels that featured band movies and subjects. Once you start thinking those thoughts somehow the government begins searching your home until they find an item, such as a photo or diary, and you are sent into the re-education camp. Any item, such as a photo or diary, and you are sent into the re-education camp. The TV blares more commercials for Insurance companies selling the latest policies, “Elder care liberation policy”

“Now people as you get older you going to need Americhi's latest product. We will work with CHI_Mart to supply you with your prescription needs.”  More commercials from our friends at Bank of AmericChi.“ Now invest with us for your future so that you are not a blight on American's free enterprise society.”  The picture zooms to old people singing Americhi the Beautiful.  Before we return to our Dirty Harry film fest our sponsors would like to show you the new rules on gun ownership.  “Hello friends and fellow patriots.” “Since we have worked with new administration, we feel secure in providing you with the best and most perfect security system for keeping you and the country safe.”  “Remember it is your constitutional duty to purchase a weapon.” The star spangle banner is now playing in with photos of Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Ronald Reagan, shimmering in the background.“  “At least one weapon is necessary to fulfill your requirement in case you are called up for the militia.”  “Smith and Tesson now want you to be prepared in the future just like Clint Eastwood said with his Magnum, do you feel lucky punk?” The commercial pans to Clint shooting the black criminal while real audience cheers are heard.   The techno hip soundtrack plays the latest track from The Jeff Davis Jam band.  “Kill the moochers and save the day, those liberals never prayed.” “Going to get my Magmum Eastwood 44  and take back my neighborhood. Watchin the Hoody punks go down.”

Ironically, Clint Eastwood had been frozen after his death and much to the chagrin of his last widow Blaze Bianca, who was going to divorce him and found out the Eastwood's will leave all his money to the Republican/Tea-party, as she muttered to TMZ that he was a mean cranky old bastard who deserved to be frozen, but never defrosted. The Chinese scientists could bring Eastwood the frozen back to life with the use of a new model Dick Cheney pig heart and APPLE computer chips implanted into his brain. Now, Eastwood was literally propped up at Tea-party conventions. He keeps on mumbling lines from his old movies and things he spoke at a Presidential convention before the revolution. The only time Eastwood came to life is when a pretty girl walked by or when one of his old movies was shown. 

Mom shook her head and remembers that part of our food money went to buy a Glock on time, and the payments were cutting into our food costs every month. The gun was used when we went to the store for safety. We did try to kill rabbits for food, but the pistol was not easy to use for small game. A rifle would have been better. Mom was going to try to get a rifle, but they were all sold out. “Angelina let's go out and to see if the neighbors aren't trying to pillage our garden.” “Be careful as old man Hazelton bought a machine gun.” I gulped realizing that old man Hazelton was the oldest man on the block, sixty, which was really old, and he couldn't see that well. He had killed one other neighbor for going through his trash and was within his rights. Trash is property rights as long as it hasn't made to the dump, it becomes the companies' property. ” “Angelina hush now and go into the shed.” Mom pointed to our shed, which contained tools and hidden items like canned food and items. We didn't want the government or the neighbors to see. Mom is shaking her head, “Granny wrote something down about the old days and what we should do.”

Now Mom turns up the TV and points to the floor panel and removes a slat. She motions for me to get the journal.
We walk into the shed and light the candle; the electric power has been rationed so we try to conserve as much as we can. The last entry is written in shaky hand. I will not survive without Social Security... I look at Mom and know, I can't speak those dirty word's Social Security, or I would be taken away.

Mom motioned, and we went outside into the backyard and went to the shed. “Yes, we must always talk in the shed to hide from those eyes.”  Under the candle light, we remove the floor panel and pull out the maps and instructions from Granny. “Places that may survive after this Tea-party revolution. Canada should be able the safest place to go. Stay away from the South, as Florida and New Orleans will most likely have gangs and weather problems.” “Mom, I never heard of those places, Florida and New Orleans?”  “Oh! I remember them as being down south, until the great flood. Then the flood happened, and it was reported on Fox Church channel Franklin Graham reported that it was god's wrath against the leftover devilish liberals, with Muslims still in America along with those homosexuals who God needed to be purgedoff the earth. ”  I think that Granny knew what was going on why before Tea-party took over. We need to find out how to get into Canada. Only the news no longer features anything that shows other countries unless approved by the Fox media support of democracy. China and the Rand administration said that those devil countries are not worth the money reporting on. Looking at the journal, we realized that there were clues hidden signs and what appeared to be a puzzle. Canada still had their old system of government and now that the hot winds have come through people were trying to visit and the rich vacation there. “Angelina, I am going to save money and buy a car, so that we can go there.” 

“Mom, I heard that the border is guarded, and that you are shot by the Tea-party for being a traitor.” I gulped knowing that the news did show traitors being shot for just protesting against the President and his Vice President Cruz. There was a dark shadow that flew over the shed that sent Mom and I to crouch down. It was that  creature again, as the shadow of wings moved across the window. The creature was silent. “What the hell was that?” “I think it was one of those drones from the NSA?”  Mom had her pistol and took it out as we headed out of the shed. The night was quiet and the sky full of soot from the new coal power plant. Darkness and neighbors candle light gave us thoughts being stuck inside a coal mine. 

  We went inside our rented house and turned on the battery-powered lamp and Mom lighted the stove for our dinner. Mom gave us a treat of meat today, a real hamburger that she got from her company for good services. Meat is very hard to get since it goes first to the Chinese and then to Tea-party members. Before Mom's new job, we ate whatever we could scrounge up, even from the garbage and grocery stores' dumpster.  Fighting over food is now common place. Granny's diary states that before the revolution, the populace, had a government that helped out with food stamps, unemployment insurance, and social security for old people to old to work. As a child, my history lesson's never covered those things it just stated that Ronald Reagan showed the Tea-party the true way.

That government isn't the solution but the problem.” Sometimes it makes me wonder what that world was like before the tea-party took charge. I see the older neighbors dying in the street, as with no income from the Freedom Senior fund after the stock market crash, they are dead broke. One old guy grasped my hand and said something strange. “I made a mistake the tea-parties are dumb bastards, and I cut my own throat supporting them.”  The old guy died an hour later calling out for his Mother; the Trash collector came and tagged him and removed his body. In the middle of night the neighbors came into his house and removed anything that they could use as fuel or clothing. That strange lady with buggy eyes named Michelle Bachnman Tea-party chairman of Minnesota keeps blabbing in her commercials, “ if you don't work you don't eat. '' I am not sure why they pay her for that is now obvious.

The Bank of AmericChi officials came in and posted a sign saying they now owned the property and looters; squatters would be shot. Someday the hunger comes back when there is food shortage. Last week, a gang from the KKK sect of the Tea-party came into the town and took food away from our grocery store. They said that our neighborhood had too many niggers and spics eating food made for the Aryan nation. Ironically, the KKK tea-party forgot the whitest product, Milk in storage, so we still had gallons of milk that was turned into yogurt, cottage cheese and string cheese. We survived, but the neighborhood was constipated and sick of the sight of cheese.  Something's were changing as the Tea-party members were fighting even in our neighborhood fistfights, gun fights all took place about who was the most ardent believer.  Old man Hazelton was a prime example of craziness. His own paranoid behavior caused him to run to his front door carrying his machine gun, fully loaded and with no safety on. It was the noise from the garbage cans that caused his rush to protect his trash.  The old man really needed a walker and not a Tommy gun, as he staggered around with all the balance of a drunk elephant on an ice-rink. He pushed the door open and tripped over his unwelcome mat and his confederate slippers, yes. Slippers with confederate flags on them wrapped around his unwelcome mat.  The gun slipped out of his hand, but his hand had already pulled the trigger, while he was trying to catch his arm out to regain his balance. RAT -AT-DAT...woke up the neighbors while we stared out our windows. We watched old man Hazelton's spray bullets all around his porch hit his metal mailbox, and many of those bullets ricochet into his feeble old body. And so it goes... 

The days seemed much the same until President Paul came on the TV to announce that the problem of people was that were demanding too much from government. “You protesters have your rights, but it is work that sets you free to enjoy the benefits of our new society. “Work will set you free. Free Enterprise is our goal. ”  “I have taken steps to have criminals now learn through work how to become model citizens. Since the deportation of Illegals we now are running short of laborers needed for food import. Prisoners with minor Pot conviction we be paroled and serve as replacements for those illegals.”  “Don't forget we now offer Bonds and stock in our new company's Marijuana USA. This is a booming business that will support your kid's education and road building  projects.”  “Now remember that you have to be twenty-one to buy a package of Marijuana USA inhalers delights.” 

“Thank you and God Bless Americhi.”



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