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Submitted: July 21, 2019

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Submitted: July 21, 2019



I need to study

keep putting it off,

I pick up the book,

dust the cover off,

I flip through it,

see only words,

and algebra problems,

I feel like picking up my phone,

and heading out the door,

and going for a run

to the hills,

math drove her away

from her comfortable couch

and into the heat

it was quite a feat

but seriously,

why is it so unfun,

why does studying

make me want to run,

Is that what people found entertaining back then?

let's add numbers and letters together,

and problems that go on forever,

I have cabin fever bad,

school's out but I'm ready to go back in,

but when I'm in I want out

no one can win,

alright I took a mental break,

let's see if I can begin to read

because I want to try something new

and no one said it was easy to do!


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