A Killer Love Story Chapter 18

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
same as chapter 1

Submitted: May 27, 2011

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Submitted: May 27, 2011



Chapter 18

Anya woke up in a strange place, she could not tell where she was or how she got there. The last thing that she remembered was washing her hands in the bathroom in the Italian place that Zack brought her to. Now it looked like she was in a car on the road. She tried not to make any noise just in case the person driving noticed that she was awake.

"You are going to love it there. It’s sunny all the time and there will be no one to bother us." the voice said from beside her.

That voice, it sounded familiar. She could not put a finger on it. Maybe it was because her brain was still a little fuzzy. She could not let this man take her too far or no one would be able to find her. She needed to find a way to get away.

"It’s been long enough, I think its time to wake up." the man shook her and she had to act like she was waking up.

Looking over, Anya was not prepared for who she saw. It was Tom Asprana. Though he was always staring at her and wanting to help, she never would have thought that he was capable of kidnapping. What was going on? Why would he do this?

"Why are you doing this? I never did anything to you." Anya asked.

"You and I were meant to be together. No, that it's just you and me; we can go away together where no one will ever find us." Tom looked at her affectionately.

"You were the one that killed Michael?" she had to know.

"Yes, I did not want to kill him, but he found me in your apartment and started too ask questions. He said that he was going to go to the police. I could not let him do that."

"And the shooting in the park? And the car that hit us? That was all you?" Anya really needed to get out of this car before anything happened to her.

"Yes. The shot was meant for your cop buddy. I needed to get rid of him so that we could be together. And the car was another effort to get rid of him. But to no avail he would not die." Tom was sounded exited about the thought of killing Zack.

She needed to get a hold of Zack; he would know what to do. Trying not to make any movements, Anya slipped her hand into her pocket to get her cell phone. Very discreetly she called his phone and kept it off to the side so that Tom could not see it. She just hoped that Zack would get the call.


Anya had been in the bathroom a longtime. Getting up, Zack walked back to the bathroom and knocked on the bathroom door. There was no answer, so he opened the door and looked inside. It looked like there was no one inside. Zack had a bad feeling about this.

When he turned around to go and search the place, his phone started to ring. Looking at the caller ID, he saw that it was Anya.

"Anya, where are you?" Zack asked out of concern.

"Where are you taking me?" it did not sound like she was talking to him.

"Some place that stupid cop will never find us. You have to forget about him, he means nothing to us now." a male voice said, sounding further away.

"I know that. I just want to know where, please?" Anya was doing good trying to get him to talk.

As Zack listened to the conversation, he went and got into his car and waited for her to say where they were. He hoped that she was safe because if anything happened to her he would never be the same. He needed to hear her voice and see her smile. When it hit him. He loved her; he could not go the rest of his life without her.

"I see we are on I 395 and headed south. Are we going to the airport?" very good question. Was he taking her on a plane?

"Yes, we are about twenty minutes to the air port, when we get there we are boarding a plane to Cuba. It’s very nice this time of year; sunny and secluded." the man said.

Zack headed in the direction of the airport, hoping that it would not be too late.

"Tom you know if you just asked me I would have gone with you. You did not have to do all that bad stuff. Now if someone catches us you might go to jail." Anya, always the voice of reason was trying to sooth the man, even after he kidnapped her!

"I will never go to jail! No one but you knows that I was the one behind all the mess you have been in. And if you value your life you will never say anything to anyone." he was starting to sound threatening now and Zack did not like that.

Anya just had to keep talking to him. Zack needed to hear her voice to know that she was ok. Zack needed to know what kind of car they were in or he would never find them.

"This is a pretty nice car Tom. Is this an Audi? It’s a nice blue color. Is it custom made?" Anya asked. He loved her so much right now.

So he was looking for a blue Audi heading south on I 395. That should not be very hard considering that it was a newer car and not may people had them. Zack put on his flashing lights and headed down the highway. Not ten minutes later, he spotted the car. Turning off his lights so that he would not scare Tom, Zack sped up next to him.

Not trying to get any attention, he waited until they pulled into the parking lot. As soon as Tom stepped out of the car, Zack was on him. It did not take him long to get him down. After he had him handcuffed, he went over to see if Anya was alright. There was no way that he was going to let her go now. After calling in the catch, he and Anya went back to his house.
“I love you Anya, I hope you know that.” Zack said as they lay in bed.
“I love you too.” Anya kissed him.

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