Killer Love Story Chapter 4

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will they find the killer before it's to late?

Submitted: March 25, 2011

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Submitted: March 25, 2011



Chapter 4

Wow, she’s something. Zack thought as he watched her car drive away. Going back into the building, Zack went to talk to Allen the team leader. He and Allen went way back. They both went to the same police academy. Only Allen went further in his career and joined the FBI. He had a wife and three little girls that he loved more than anything. Zack couldn’t say that he was sentimental, but one day he wanted that; a family. Someone to come home to.

“So, what do you think happened?” Zack asked as he came to stand by him, pushing the thought away.

“Looks like whoever did it wanted him dead, can’t tell you much ‘cause I don’t know. We’ll get started as soon and the M.E. comes to take the body.” Allen said looking at his notepad. “What did you get out of her? Anything useful?”

“She said nothing was amiss when she got up this morning. Nothing was wrong when she went to work, and when she got home, he was just there, dead.” Zack said relying what Anya had said to him.

“OK, that’s what she told me too…” Allen said looking like he didn’t want to believe him.

“What are you thinking,” Zack asked. Then, he figured it out. “You think she did it?”

“Why not? She claimed to know him personally. It’s a possibility.” Allen looked at him, shaking his head. “No, I know what’s in your head. You want to be the hero, and save the girl. Well, maybe this time, the girl really is the killer.”

“You didn’t see her face Al. She was scared and it looked like she really cared for this person. I have no doubt about this one.” Zack said.

“Zack…” Allen said looking exasperated.

“Have you ever known me to be wrong?”

With a sigh, Allen shook her head. “No, but if your wrong and the girl is the killer you’ll own me, like, a million bucks.”

“Fine.” Zack said with a laugh.

“Go home. You’ve been on duty for almost twenty hours.”

Walking outside, Zack went to his car, a 2008 Ford. Getting in, he headed home. Zack didn’t live that far away from here. A nice house on the edge of town. This late at night streets were still filled with cars. That’s what you get for living in D.C.

The house that he had bought about five years ago was an older home with three bedroom and four bathrooms. As soon as Zack bought the place, he had gotten to work on fixing it up. There were many things wrong with it, including the floors, shower, and all of the counters. That was only the minor things. Zack had been told many times that he liked to fixed things, no matter what it was, houses, cars, or people. He always had to be there to help and make things right.

Pulling up to the garage, Zack turned off the car and got out. He was beat, but he still needed a shower.  He didn’t know if he had the energy to even get up the stairs to his room. Taking out his keys, he opened the door and went inside. Locking the door behind him, Zack went to the fridge to find something to eat; he was starving. Eating whatever he could find in the break room did not agree with his stomach.

His mind started to wonder back to Anya. She was very beautiful, and that always got to him. She was tall and full figured with lots of curves that he could spend hours exploring. And that long black hair, Zack had a thing for women with black hair. And those eyes, wow, so green, like a spring field on a perfect day.

She was so calm and collected when he met her. I suppose when you work with dead people, having someone dead on your kitchen floor is nothing. Right up until he told her who it was. Then things went down from there. He could see it in her eyes how much she loved her family and didn’t want to break their hearts. Hopefully they can solve this case quick and easy. That way he wouldn’t have to see the tears in her eyes again.

Looking blankly in the fridge, Zack pulled out some pizza from the night before. He walked into the living room and turned on the T.V. he didn’t know what he was watching, and he didn’t care. Zack took off his shoes and lied down on the couch. He didn’t want to fall asleep because he really needed that shower. Not five seconds later, he was asleep.

His dreams tonight were like any other, they had no significance. Then, out of nowhere he heard it, but he couldn’t tell what it was. It sounded loud and shrill. The phone! Opening his eyes, Zack reach around, trying to find his phone.


He watched as they took away the body in the ambulance. He did that, his masterpiece. He was standing in the bushes a little ways away from the apartment building; he didn’t want to draw attention to himself. And he most definitely did not want to be questioned like everyone else. The man never saw it coming. If he couldn’t have her no one could. He didn’t even know the man that he killed; he just knew that he had to do it. Who was he and why was he there?

He has been planning this for a while now; she was supposed to be the one that came into the apartment, not some man! Even with this, his plan could still succeed. The only reason that he killed him was because he was so mad. He didn’t want to kill her, just take her away where only he could have her. She was his and no one else’s.

And what was up with the cop? He was all over her! That could not happen, and he would make sure that it didn’t. The cop would have to be put down, just to be safe. He could not have any lose ends when they leave. No trace and no witnesses. That was the bet way to have it. He didn’t like killing people, but if it meant being with her, then he would kill anyone that got in the way.

Getting up, he went across the street to his black Mercedes. Getting in he checked the tracking device that he put on her that day. It looked like she was staying at a nearby hotel. Good. He could just slip in without anyone knowing and take her away. He could see it now. She would struggle and he liked the thought of that. He had something to help with that. Chloroform. It will knock her right out.

“Soon, Anya we’ll be together.”

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