A Prodigious-Looking Face

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Can you figure out what kind of box I am talking about?

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012





A prodigious-looking face appeared.

From the edge I teared.

Sitting in the corner,

With my legs across each other.


The flat shimmer of the wood;

It was the same gleam on the table.

My days hazed around me.

I was in the shadow box of my memories.


My heart was jumping,

To the sound of the clockwork.

The quiet peaks of springs;

They work to see light.


Confusion sets across;

Brain going mental.

Wanting to jump off the invisible bridge.

It’s striking terror in my body.


I hear the outside world again.

Getting out is a leap of faith.

Failure was the answer I searched.

Success was nowhere close.


My heart was in front of me.

I am stuck.

The box is controlling me.

There is finally light in the darkness.



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