Only A Forgotten Memory ENDING

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Just the second half I recently wrote for "Only a Forgotten Memory."

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012



I was so in love with him. Every breath belonged to him. I never picked up my pen to write such unworthy thoughts. My once empty notepad would never be so bare. My mind was blocked by the sight of his pale skin. The view of his soft lips was constantly there.

That was just my invisible conscience. It kept forcing my mind to remember why I was so in love. The gentle breeze around my hair. While laying on a blanket on the fresh spring grass; he was always beside me. He promised to never leave my right side, but that was ten years ago. He slid out of my palms for the slightest of seconds; he never regained strength. Like the welting tulips grazing along my fingertips. I thought too much of it. Unlike the gentle simplicity of the tulip, he would never return. Somehow I didn't believe the story, my story. If his sun had set, then so had mine. This torturous event might as well kill me aswell. I have nothing left to write. My sould left with his.

To somehow set aside my grief I took a quiet walk. To where we had las had met. I sat on the bench where he took my breath away for the first time. I closed my eyes and could still see his shadow in front of me. When I opened them; there was nothing but air. As I sat for minutes, a child ran fastly towards me. He handed me a letter. I started to walk back home as I read.

My dearest Love:

Please forgive me, for I never meant to destroy your passion; your soul. Know that when we first met, I never wanted to look away from you. I loved you the second I walked on you doorstep, and wherever I may be, I still do. No matter what happens, there is one thing you need to do for me. Write. Finish a book, write a page, it does not matter as long as you keep doing what you truly love. As for me my life will continue on. What happened a decade ago was for your safety. Your heart was in danger. I just hope you now, that you have not forgotten me. For one day we will meet for the first time once again.

My deepest love

I didn't know, nor understand what I had just read. "He protected my heart with a seal." That was the final set of words along the bottom of the once bare page.

I was startled. There was a quiet but intended knock on my door. I never expected any visitors that day, as I haven't for quite some time now. I reached towards the door handle with caution. The squeal of the door ran up and down my spine. My eyes froze. It was him. He was mine at last.

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