Regret of My Past

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Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012





I feel the regret of my past

This place might have been too far

Although only seconds before

The love I had was in love itself

My heart had its own repellent.

With the train whistle lingering

I hear the words of the passing people around me

Flowing across in the breeze of September

I left him behind

Only feeling his despair clenched in my hand

Hearing the distant sound appear I felt the steam float from my toes

The weight of my now emptiness impelled me back to my seat

The smell of the fresh autumn mist that grasped the morning air wiped the shattered ground that lay in front of me

The mantis green of the field reminded me of the laughter from his gentle soul

The memory of tasting his lips when I kissed him brought reflections to my eyes 

The stares of the people passing were like demons questioning my mind

I hold a picture of my memories that carry anxious silence

I lay the thought of leaving in the bed of hope and move along

I look out of the traveling window and see the past of my regret as I disappear.

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