The Diamond Idea

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
The diamond idea is an idea that explains a very different approach to liberation and freedom. It explains how to be liberated, experience freedom, and realize your dream through.

Submitted: February 18, 2016

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Submitted: February 18, 2016



Dear Carly,

I know that you want so badly to experience internal liberation, ultimate happiness, and live a life of complete inner peace and no matter what you try, nothing feels like it is truly working. You feel like something is missing. I am visiting you from the future to help. You want answers and I am going to give you the answer you are looking for.

From the moment you learned to walk you learned that if you want something you must work for it. You have to earn it! Remember when you learned to ride your bike? You learned that you couldn’t just jump on the bike and start riding down the street like the big kids. You worked at it day and night. Everything in the world reinforces this concept to be true from the simplest thing as getting a glass of water to earning your PHD. You must take action for what you want.

So right now, there are times you are unhappy, dissatisfied, bored, or feel confused about the meaning of life and you want to feel good, but don’t know what to do. I know you are more than willing to do anything! Well, you are right, you do have to earn your happiness, but the reason you have not earned it yet is not because you’re not trying hard enough, need to face your fears, be more disciplined, motivated, or positive, live in the “present moment”, realize who you really are, become aware or conscious, need to attain enlightenment, or any of that bull crap. The reason you do not have the happiness you desire is because you have been taught the wrong way earn it. You only lack the knowledge of what you need to do.

I’m going to break it down for you step by step and explain everything. First, I will explain how you are currently solving your inner problem of unhappiness. Then, I will explain why it’s not working and finally I will explain an effective way to do it and explain why it will give you the results you want. Just for fun, I will give you a few spoilers of what your future looks like and how your life completely changed.

There are many times you are really good at figuring out what to do when you’re unhappy. A lot of the time you feel happy, accomplished, and great within yourself. Then, sometimes you know exactly why you’re unhappy, but you lack the motivation to do anything about it, which gets you down and depressed, sometimes even for weeks. Every now and then you feel bad or just unsatisfied, and can’t figure out the reason at all.

Right now, when you feel bad or unhappy in any way, you look for the reason and then analyze solutions that will fix it. For example, if you feel unhappy because of your work then you may come up with the solution to find another job. If you feel bad because you think your overweight then you may go on a diet, or if you’re unhappy because you feel lonely then you may try to make friends.

Another way you solve your problem of unhappiness is by solutions that do not require physical actions but ones that are done internally. Solutions such as acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, positivity, or living in the ‘Now’. For example, if you feel bad because of the way someone is treating you, you may choose the solution of “letting it go” or “accepting what you can’t control” or “trying to see the best in others”.



Many times when you experience an inner feeling you do not like or what I call an “inner problem”, you choose an internal solution. For example, solutions such as living in the present moment, quieting your mind, or letting go. These internal solutions you choose are abstract ideas. You choose abstract ideas because they express what cannot physically be referred. You are taught to apply these abstract concepts from the moment you learn to talk and begin to understand the world you live in. These ideas are talked about and woven into society. They are taught by parents, spiritual teachers, counselors, and psychologist. Here are some examples of common abstract ideas you have been taught to apply within yourself when you feel an inner problem:

ForgivenessPatients LoveAcceptance disciplinemotivation balancelive in the present momentquiet your mind gratitudeface your fears, positivity accept what you can’t controlcouragefaith compassiongratitudeWill power  mind over matter  self-loveself-acceptance


You choose to take external action to solve because you believe you are unhappy because of an external reason. For example, some common external reasons for unhappiness are career, money, or relationships. You believe an external thing or experience will solve your problem because the physical external world teaches that you must find the source or the root of the problem in order to solve. For example, if your faucet is leaking then you must find the source of the leak or if your alarm is going off then you turn it off at the source. The external world has taught you to solve your problems by finding the source. Therefore, when you feel in a way you don’t want to feel or experience (inner problem) and think the source or the reason is an external reason, then you choose to take an external action to solve.


Any time you choose an abstract idea to solve an inner problem you unknowingly step into an internal cycle, loop, or trap. There are two ways this trap works. The first is that it initiates an internal cycle of positive switching to negative, or you could view it as good vs. bad. Here is one way this trap works.

Abstract solutions cannot be proven as a fact and therefore when you choose an abstraction you choose an idea to solve that initiates an internal loop of positive vs. negative. For example, if you choose the solution of gratitude (idea) and believe you have accomplished this, then you form the belief that you have been grateful. The word “gratitude” is an idea that is a matter of perspective or opinion. It is not a fact that can be witnessed and proven without a doubt. When you choose any abstract idea as a solution and believe you have been successful at the abstract idea, then what you believe about yourself is based off an idea and not facts. Your personal identity becomes grounded and established off ideas. Many have referred to this as “living an illusion” or “being self-identified with the ego”. When you choose an abstract idea to solve a negative thought or feeling then the negative switches gears to a positive role. For example, when you “accept” or “allow” as a solution to an inner problem, then the negative has been solved by the positive solution. When your identity is established off ideas then it’s subject to change back and forth from negative to positive because the idea of something can always change. When your internal state of being switches from negative to positive, then you are in a state of continual inner battle because as long as superior/positive exist then inferior/negative does as well. You could also view the superior as the good you and inferior as the bad you. Any time you choose an abstract idea as a solution, you are creating an inner battle of “good” vs. “evil”. Your thoughts and feelings continue this inner war of negative switching to positive. This inner battle is a continuous fight within yourself where there is not a neutral ground found. This neutral ground is where the inner war ends and has been referred to as “the middle way”, “place of inner peace”, or “selflessness”.  

Here are some examples of positive/ superior statements vs. neutral statements:

 I forgave my brother (abstract/ opinion/superior role)

I gave my brother a hug FACT- neutral

I did not like the way she talked to me, but just let it go (abstract/ opinion/superior role)

I did not like the way she talked to me, so I walked away FACT-neutral

 I love myself (abstract/ opinion/superior role)

I make choices I feel good about FACT- neutral

I am grateful (abstract/ opinion/superior role)

I work with a smile on my face FACT-neutral

I am disciplined (abstract/ opinion/superior role)

I work on my project everyday FACT- neutral

The second way the internal trap works is by trapping you in a continual state of working on the problem and never solving. Here is an example to explain:

You are unhappy because you believe you are overweight and you think it’s because you lack will-power/discipline (abstract concept/source of problem). You want to solve this problem so you come up with ideas and create in your mind a picture of what willpower looks like to you. Then you practice these ideas in hopes that you gain more willpower and lose weight. If you finally feel you have been successful at your idea of willpower, then your personal experience has taught you that in order to maintain your weight loss you must continually practice applying willpower. You are not free to eat whatever you want, and continually think about maintaining control. This experience has taught you that in order to have what you want, you must maintain your inner control by applying willpower/discipline. If your internal pain were to be an external problem such as a bleeding cut, then it would be like you bandaged the wound and can’t let go of the bandage. You are stuck holding down the bandage forever. Your initial choice to “work on willpower”, has trapped you as a prisoner of “doing things” to have what you want and you are not internally free and are stuck in a trap.  




Problems must be solved at the source in order to truly solve. Your internal problem of unhappiness originated within you and therefore an internal solution is needed. Internal problems need an internal solution and external problems need an external solution. For example, you cannot solve an external bleeding cut by internally thinking. You must take external action and apply gauze. You also cannot solve an internal problem by taking an external action. Choosing to take external actions to solve internal problems also traps you in a continual state of working on solving the problem. It works the same as the internal trap of abstractions does, but it is done externally. For example, instead of thinking your problem is because of an inner problem such as will power you believe it is because of an external thing such as a dream job, relationship, house, income, or some form of external success, achievement, or goal. Therefore, instead of coming up with ideas on how to accomplish a non-physical thing such as willpower, you come up with ideas on how to accomplish external things. This becomes a repetitive cycle of working hard for what you want, getting what you want, and then still feeling unhappy and the cycle continues. It also continues an inward self-battle of negative vs. positive. For example the “I want” is a negative and the “I have” is the positive. You feel negative (inferior) when you want and feel positive (superior) when you have. Externally solving perpetuates the internal loop and continues the self-inner battle that keeps you in a trap of never being on neutral ground.  


When solving any problem you first must identify the problem, choose a solution, and solve. All problems whether math, external (leaky faucet), or your internal problems require 3 steps. They require you to identify the problem, work the problem, and propose a solution. The exact moment you begin to feel in a way you don’t want to feel you have an internal problem, just the same as the moment you start to bleed from a cut (external problem). This internal problem needs your immediate attention and your immediate response just the same as a bleeding cut. Choosing an immediate provable neutral response in the moment, eliminates any possibility of stepping into the trap of continual work and eliminates any possibility of an inner battle of positive and negative. It neutralizes the negative problem and provides you instant proof that the problem has been solved.

Your past experience of working your inner problems has given you the experience of continually battling yourself and continually searching or working on the problem (the trap). Through the practice of solving your inner problems using a method that neutralizes and solves with proof, you will quickly step into the direction to earn your freedom, happiness, and experience liberation. With every problem you solve you will step further away from a lifetime habit of working your inner problems using an ineffective method that was taught to you by those in authority or by your experience of the external physical world. You will apply your own creative solutions and will be your own teacher. Through this practice you will become a master problem solver. Through this mastery you will experience the inner freedom and happiness you want. Think back to when you learned how to do multiplication. Once you understood how to solve multiplication problems, you became confident in your ability to solve. Your inner problem of unhappiness can be compared exactly to a multiplication problem. Through practice you will master how to solve and experience inner liberation, freedom, and happiness.


Identifying the problem is the first step. The exact moment you feel in a way you don’t want to feel, you identify what you believed caused your inner pain. This is very personal to you and there is not a right or wrong way to words this. This is your opinion and it is what you believed caused your pain. To identify you say, “I feel bad because ___”. Whatever it is you believed caused your inner problem.

I feel bad because my spouse doesn’t care about me.

I feel bad because that person was rude to me.

I feel bad because I’m being treated unfairly.

I feel bad because I hate my job.

I feel bad because no one appreciates me.

I feel bad because I never have any free time.

I feel bad because I feel like a failure.

I feel bad because I am lonely.

You must identify the problem the exact moment you begin to feel in a way you don’t want to feel.


After you identify the problem then you choose what you believe to be an appropriate solution for that one specific problem. The solution must be a provable solution that is taken immediately. Therefore the solution can be proven as a fact which gives you a real and true personal identity and you choose the neutral place in between negative and positive. Choosing to take an immediate action in the moment avoids the internal and external loop or trap and does not allow the inner battle of good and bad. There are only 2 options that will do this.

The first is to choose a direct, clear, and to the point physical action in response to the inner problem.  By choosing a single task as the solution you are taking a provable action (fact) in response to the inner problem. The possibilities of direct physical actions are endless and will greatly depend on the problem at hand. The key thing to remember is that it is a direct, clear, and to the point action that requires you to use your physical body. By giving yourself a direct order in the form of a direct action you are not choosing an inferior or superior position but you adopt a neutral position within yourself.

Here are a few examples:

You are wanting to lose weight and you feel an inner problem the moment you reach in the pantry for some junk food, then you could choose the direct action solution to “close pantry and walk away”.

You are working on a project and feel and inner problem of irritation and frustration. You choose the direct action to walk away from project and take a walk or call a friend for their opinion.

You are at a family dinner and a family member insults you and it causes an inner problem. You choose the action to laugh, shrug your shoulders, and walk away.

By taking action you are painting your own creative picture of what abstractions mean to you but you internally adopt a neutral inner position that is grounded in facts or reality. For example instead of choosing to forgive someone or let it go, you choose to hug them, smile, or call them on the phone. You internally comprehend and take credit for the true action and not for the abstract idea and end the inner trap of positive vs. negative.

The action you choose will depend greatly on your specific inner problem. The action can be as simple as look the other way, put it down, stand up straight, or sit and be still. It depends on what you think is best and appropriate for your specific problem. The action could also be actions such as go for a walk, call a friend, watch TV, clean your house, give a hug, smile, ask a question, talk, wash the dishes, read, make an appointment, write a letter, do research, work on a project, paint, play music. The options for direct actions are absolutely endless, completely up to you, and will depend on the problem at hand.

The second option you have that will internally neutralize is to choose to not respond. If you have an inner problem and there is not a direct action you want to take, then you can respond by making the direct internal choice, “I choose to not respond”. By choosing to not respond you are acknowledging the problem and you are internally responding (by your choice) which is all that is necessary. Imagine you get a paper cut and decide to not bandage it. You choose that not responding is your best choice for the given problem. By choosing to not respond you are acknowledging the problem and take a neutral stand, not superior or inferior. You are internally speaking the facts. If you believe that not responding is the best choice for you, then it is. You decide what’s appropriate for you and what you want to do depending on how you feel and what you personally think is best for you.

Here are some examples:

For example, if you have been working towards a goal and have the inner problem of feeling like a failure then you can choose to not respond.


Working your very different and unique problems one problem at a time will free you from trying to live a life of balance, discipline, or acceptance. It will free you from all ideas surrounding abstractions and will give you the true experience of living in the moment. You will no longer feel inner resistance within yourself. You will know you are timeless because time will not be able to stand in your way of going after what you want. You will become fiercely unstoppable at reaching your goals and dreams. You will earn an absolute knowing within yourself from practicing choosing your own solutions, that you are unstoppable at going after your dream. You will have absolutely no comprehension of the word failure. You will earn freedom from the thoughts and feelings that cause you pain because you will have practiced enough at responding to it, that you know through firsthand experience exactly how to respond. 

Here is peak into your future. You stopped trying to quiet your mind. You stopped working on discipline, balance, and acceptance and began to use this method of internal problem solving on every single inner problem that arose within you and something indescribable happens to you. You feel like a super hero that is living in a different world. The feeling of liberation, freedom, joy, and happiness is so intense that it overwhelms every part of your body and mind. You reach a point where no thought or no emotion has any control over you. You earn complete control over your thoughts and feelings. You become unstoppable at going after your dreams. You still have thoughts you don’t like and still have feelings you don’t like, but you are not effected by them because you know exactly how to respond to them and you know you are in complete control. You are as free as bird. When you want something there is not one negative thought or feeling that gets in your way. You learn that happiness is not found in permanently getting rid of unhappy thoughts or feelings, but happiness is found in freedom from them. You earned your inner freedom, one problem and a time.

Q & A

If I have a goal I want to reach, does this mean I am externally searching for happiness? No, absolutely not. You were born with the desire to create the life you want. Dreams and goal are a natural part of life and can’t and shouldn’t be ignored. Working your problems using this effective method will make it possible for you to generate creative out of the box ideas that will help you get there faster. For example the first time you feel bad as you are working toward this goal, and you stop and solve, you will be moving in a forward direction toward your goal and will not get hung up. As long as you are instantly solving when you feel an internal problem then you are not externally searching for happiness.

 I chose a direct action to my problem and still feel bad, why? Taking an action may or may not immediately stop the inner pain. When you get a cut and bandage it, it still may hurt for hours or even days. The action or choosing not to respond is not an instant cure that will immediately give you what you want or make you feel better. Your happiness is found in knowing you are in complete control over the thoughts and feelings. You are not trying to permanently eliminate them. You want to have complete and total control over them and this comes through practice. When you have practiced responding enough to master them, you will know you are in control over any thought and any feeling. 

How is choosing to not respond going to generate the feeling of accomplishment within myself? Am I avoiding the problem by not responding?  You absolutely do not have to respond to the problem if you do not want to. You get to choose what problems need action. I often have feelings and thoughts that cause me inner problems and I choose not to respond. The feeling and knowing you are in complete control over them comes from practicing responding directly to your inner problem and learning through practice and your experience you have complete control over any thought or any feeling.

Does thinking with abstract terms keep me in an internal trap? These terms have a very helpful and positive use in our everyday lives and are often used in sharing perspective. When they are used in thinking, discussion, reading, or any form of personal communication, they add value and meaning to our lives. These words and ideas are helpful in explaining personal inner experiences. If we couldn’t comprehend these ideas we might as well be robots. Imagine the first time you look at your beautiful new born baby. The word “love” doesn’t come close to explaining how you feel, but it is a word that can express a deep human emotion we all share in some way. The sentence “She stood under the old oak tree feeling freedom blow her worn torn cloths for the first time” paints a picture in your mind of a moment and gives you a taste of her personal perspective. Our ability to comprehend abstract ideas such as love or forgiveness make the experience of life immeasurable. Abstract terms are only a problem when you choose them as an inner solution to a problem.


Will you give me a list of steps? Yes

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Choose a direct physical action in response or choose to not respond
  3. Practice every single time you feel bad inside

Will you give me examples of how you do this?  Each and every person is so different and only they know what response will work best for them. By coming up with your own responses you are getting outside the box in your thinking and using your personal creativity and free will choice. You are not using ideas you have been taught (forgiveness, quiet your mind) you are using your creativity and expressing your unique individual ideas. For example if 3 people were given the same inner problem, one may go for a hike, the second may call a friend, and the third might choose to not respond. Everyone is so different and this method allows each person to express their unique solutions. Have fun with this!

Sometimes I feel confused about when I need to solve a problem, what should I do? You only need to solve a problem when the feeling inside is not how you want to feel. If you’re thinking process is confusing you or your mind is busy, but it’s not making you feel bad, then you do not need to do anything. When you don’t like the feeling inside, then this is the time you must identify and then solve the problem.

Let’s say my inner problem is a complex problem, such as I hate my job, I’m getting divorced, and I am completely broke and never have any free time. What direct action can I take for such a big and complex problem?You identify a specific problem and solve the problem the moment you feel in a way that you don’t want to feel. Your mind may be busy with dealing with complex life situations. Mine is busy all the time. You only need to solve a problem when the feeling inside is not how you want to feel. Some days my life situation causes me to feel bad all day long and I respond to them all day long. Some days I’m busy working my life situations and I like the way I feel all day long. Each day is different. 

Sometimes I have an inner problem from an experience I am having. For example, my spouse has said something that really made me mad. I want to respond but can’t choose one fast enough. What can I do in this situation? When you are in situations that require fast responses to your inner pain you can choose to not respond. I often choose to not respond when I am angry and then think of an appropriate solution when I am not in the middle of the problem.

My mind is busy all day long with problems and I don’t feel like I am making progress the objective is not to quiet the mind. The mind is where brilliant ideas are found. You are wanting to have control over the inner thoughts and feelings you don’t like. A busy mind is not a problem unless it is making you feel in a way you don’t want to feel. The moment you begin to feel bad then you need to follow the process.


















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