The Parting

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A short story based on my personal feelings. I wrote it really quick so i didn't check for gramma etc. I'm german sry for mistakes but i think u can understand the meaning.

Try to read the story more than one time maybe u'r going to understand it better. :)

Submitted: April 27, 2015

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Submitted: April 27, 2015



The Parting


He missed the bus just by a few seconds. Thirty minutes until the next one. "What should i do?" Normaly he wouldn't eat fastfood, but he didn't eat anything since the moment he went for a bandpractice. McDonalts was just accros the big trainstation and a quick hamburger wouldn't be that bad. He grabbed his iPhone from the pocked and walked towards the restraunt, looking at his phone. "The guys are getting crazy agian." Passing by the bunch of people standing, wainting for the train.

Suddenly he stopped. His sight froze on his phone screen." I though i have forgotten this scent." He looked up. He knows her. Almost forgot her.

She didn't change much. The hair grew longer. It looks like she didn't notice him at all even if he is standing right beside her. She is listening to music and reads messages on her phone.

"She changed."

His phone rings: "Heeey :* how did the practice go? <3" He started walking and replied to the text.

The crowd was big but he didn't wait long. The hamburger was ok. Nothing really tasty, just like McDonals. He left the building walking back towards the bus station. She is still there. Her phone was in her pocket. She looked to the left, watching the train arrive. He stopped. Watched. The train stopped. People got in. The Train started moving.

Still there.


"I picked the bag up and now on my way home" She checked 9gag after the message. She could have gotten the train but decieded to go by the late one. She always does it. The people beside her are laughing, speaking, reading something on the phone. She switched the song. She turned around and watched the bus drive by. "Nostalgic" It was years ago she last took this bus, years ago she took this road and saw this house.

A train arrived. Her heart stopped for a second. He didn't change...More like this heartbeat didn't. He's even more handsome than before. "He was at the band practise" She always loved his voice and his guitar. He looked at his phone and in the next moment up. She turned around grabbed her phone and starred at the screen. "Don't give in. It's alright". Concentrate. She almost forgot about him when suddenly this scent. This perfume. "No" She knew he was watching her, his glance burned on her skin. She turned the volume to the max, closing her eyes, thinking about nothing, The guitar,the beat, the voice....his voice. She looked up.

He was gone.


She didn't change much. Skinny as always. The same style, chucks, black pants, a t-shirt. Her hair grew longer. It looked good. The right site was stroked behind her ear, the left site is hanging down, covering her breast. She's looking down, scrolling on her ipad.

"Honey u need to get here quickly i miss u" He replies.

"Is she still listening to the same music?...She didn't change"

His glance was stucked at her. Watching her like a wild beast. Mixed feelings. He wants to look away. She is crazy. Sick. The tears. "I don't want to remember". The expressions she made. Her moaning, The touch. How she feels. "I remember" He wonders how it would feel if she looked at him.

She looks up. Stright in his eyes. A sting.

"She changed"


The singer screams into her ears. The sun feels nice. Somehow cold compered to him. She can't see him anymore. She doesn't even want too. Her life changed, she changed. She didn't want too. The people are still laughing, reading, looking around.

Something begins to move.

"I still like the scent" He didn't change. I did.

The train didn't arrive. She looks up, looks at the display. Delay by 15 min. "I want to go home"

She wonders if he's still around. However too afraid to look up. Maybe she should switch the song. It brings back too many memories. She scrolls through the playlist. Turns on the new song


"Look up!"


He is still there.


He doesn't know how to react. He was the one who blocked her. Who wanted to forget. She made me sick. She hurt me.

"I found a movie i want us to watch later babe ;)" He replies.

She is still looking. He is still looking.

How are you? What are you doing here?..Or more like where have u been?

She doesn't know how to react. He blocked her. Wanted to forget her. He hurt me, deceived. Lied.

"Are u happy that you're gonna move away next week?" She replies.

How are the thinks with your band going? Are your studies going well?

Glances. Silence. Just the vibration of the phones. Replies


The bus arrives. He needs to run. He starts running. "She is wainting, i need to hurry up" She stopped looking, her eyes on the screen. He runs. A touch. Her phone falls on the floor. He stopps. He picks up the phone.

"I'm happy that you got the job. The town is nice too. I'm gonna visit you alot after you move ;)" The screen light goes out.

He looks up. She is right before him. He knows now what changed. Her eyes. They are different. He remembers. I loved her glances. They flickered. They where funny, bright,shy, thoughtful.


He reaches out and gives her the phone. Her eyes, piercing, strong, resistant.


He reaches out. Her right cheek feels warm.

"Ur still not heeereee ~ hooney awnser meee ;*"

The phone vibrates.

It's getting warmer. It's getting crowded. People are passing by.

It's getting near.

The phone vibrates.


She finnaly avoided the stare. A new message. She needs to reply. The bus arrives

A touch.

Her phone falls to the ground. She wants to pick it up but someone grabs the phone. She needs to apologize. She looks up.

The hearbeat starts again. He didn't change. She grew it seems. His eyes are still the same. Free, innocent, distant, somehow lost but still right beside you.

His hand is cold. It shakes. She doesn't know if it's from running or because of the strong wind caused by passing trains. He needs to get on the bus. She is waiting. She knows. He knows.


The last time the memory is awaken. The facts never changing, Never together, never alone. This last touch. The warmth, which is gone the same moment it begun. Then new life, the old past. Forgotten by the present, by the moment, existing and refusing to die. Let go. Don't run. Stay. The glances exchanged by both of them, her hand on his. The smile, the tear, the touch of the foreheads. "I loved you. I'm sorry" "Never be sorry. I never was." The sad smile, the glance agian. One last touch. Too passionate to let go. The wish to forget all the mistakes existing. A new start. A new chance.

The parting.


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