The Seventh Realm--Beautiful Innocence

The Seventh Realm--Beautiful Innocence

Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction



"It is not in the stars that hold our destiny, but ourselves"~William Shakespeare
She was just an average girl living a normal life...until she was an alien be the 'mate' of the king of that said alien race. As I said before all's normal...
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"It is not in the stars that hold our destiny, but ourselves"~William Shakespeare
She was just an average girl living a normal life...until she was an alien be the 'mate' of the king of that said alien race. As I said before all's normal...

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Seventh Realm--Beautiful Innocence

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"It is not in the stars that hold our destiny, but ourselves"~William Shakespeare
She was just an average girl living a normal life...until she was an alien be the 'mate' of the king of that said alien race. As I said before all's normal...

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Submitted: November 10, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 10, 2012



The Seventh Realm--Beautiufl Innocence 

"When you reach for the stars you may not quite get one, but you won't come up with a handful of mud either." ~Leo Burnett 


Chapter One--Virtue in the so called Wicked



In a wide expansive field lying alongside the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts lay a girl. Her dark blonde hair splayed wildly behind her head as her bright blue eyes stared up at the heavens above. Her plump, light pink lips pulled into a soft smile as she recalled the many times before she’d been in this exact same position.

Stargazing was an unusual activity nowadays. Between the high air pollution and crime levels, people all around the world seemed to forget the beauty of the night. Most beings prefer light, primarily because it’s safer than the alternative that is darkness. In the daylight you’re able to see all of the bad in everything.

The brightness gives you a sense of knowingness, knowledge of both the virtuous and wicked. In a sense it’s both a good and bad thing. On one hand to know when an evil is to happen is an advantage. It gives you the upper hand in the situation and allows you to steer clear of any suspicious circumstances.

But in the other lies something much more cruel, the power to take away innocence. Purity is found in little to no people because we know too much; see too much. Knowledge can corrupt and heal people. It both helps and hurts.

The slight twinkle apparent in the girl’s vibrant blue orbs holds more naivety and pureness than that of an infant. One of her small pale hands practically glowed as she held it high in the air. Her slim fingers swooped and swirled across the dark sky as she traced dazzling constellations and lone stars.

Her other hand lay peacefully at her side, lightly pulling at the blades of green grass beneath her. The slight amount of moisture beads resting upon the meadow and the overpowering smell of dew lead one to believe that it had recently been raining. Both the dampness and the late hour didn’t seem to bother the young girl as she continued to stare curiously at the yellow polka dotted sky shadowed by the ongoing black background.

Cassiopeia,” Her soft lips moved slowly as she lightly murmured the name of the current constellation she was examining. Her hand began to shake ever so slightly and you could see the young girl was fighting to with hold her composure. Those clear blue eyes shut tenderly and the poor girl began to relive a memory.


“Daddy!” A small child, no older than six-years-old giggled as her father spun her in circles. The sun had long ago set and the paleness of the young girl’s skin was the only thing that stood apart from the night sky. Well that and her vivid crystal blue eyes.

The girl’s father set the dizzy child down softly on the wet grass and lay down next to her. The man’s tan skin, brown eyes, and black hair blended so perfectly with the landscape that if one did not look closely enough could deem him invisible.

“It’s me,” the blonde child cried lightly as she pointed up at the large, bright moon.

“Yes, Luna. It is indeed you,” the man chuckled at his daughter’s excited persona.

“That one looks like a puppy,” the youthful girl, Luna, whispered as she lifted her chubby fingers into the air. “I’m going to name him, Roni!”

“Actually Little Moon, it’s a wolf,” the father spoke wisely as he took his daughter’s outstretched hand in his larger one and moved them both in the correct pattern of the constellation. “And its name is Lupus.”

“They have names?” She asked while turning her round head to look at her father, her blue eyes widening in curiosity. Her father nodded and was about to further explain but Luna asked him another question.

“Who named them?” Luna murmured her gaze drifting from one luminous star to another.

“People like you and me,” the dad started lightly poking his daughter’s nose causing her to giggle and swat his hand away. “Hundreds of years ago.”

“That one looks like a duckie!” The young child continued happily.

“Swan,” the father corrected while pointing out the seven stars that made up the relatively minor collection of stars. “We call it Cygnus.”

“Oh,” the little child let out, trying her best to comprehend what her father was trying to explain to her but being to distracted by the beautiful balls of light and the cool shapes she can make out of them. Like those connect the dots puzzles her teachers make her do. “And that looks like a little fishie!”

“It is,” her father told her with pride in his voice. “Pisces.”

“And that one looks like…” the child began to say enthusiastically before crinkling her nose distastefully.

“What is it, Little Moon?” Her dad asked concernedly as he took in her unhappy face.

“It looks like those tiaras mommy always tries to make me wear.” Luna pouted as she recalled her mother forcing the itchy plastic crown atop her and her older sister head’s. But much unlike her sister, Luna hated dress up time.

“It’s actually a queen,” her father said a weird look passing across his older features as he stared up forlornly at the constellation. “Queen Cassiopeia.”

“Ewie,” the young child muttered before sticking out her tongue. “I’d much rather be a pirate than a princess.”

“I have no doubt about that, Little Moon,” her father said while shaking his head and then he went on to mutter something in a language she couldn’t understand. 


The memory ended but the girl lying in the meadow, who vastly resembled the younger child in the memory, kept her eyes closed. Her still shaking and elevated hand dropped onto her stomach as a heart-wrenching sob escaped her parted lips.

A lone crystal tear dropped from her closed eyelids and traveled down her porcelain skin. The moisture eventually fell from her face and onto the ground, joining the already wet soil. The young women inhaled sharply, willing her body to calm.

Weird noises soon reached the girls ears and her blue eyes snapped open. With in moments she went from depressed to panic as she violently turned her head in all different directions. With every sharp twist she was met with abandoned jade grassland as far as the eye can see with the exception of a forest many kilometers away.

The racket increased and the young girl stood hesitantly on shaking legs. She tugged lightly on the hem of her battered T-Shirt as she squinted her eyes in the darkness. A particularly loud noise caused her to shriek in surprise and stumble back. The more she heard the noises the more they began to sound like some kind of foreign communication. Only she couldn’t make out which one. Spanish and French were both out of the question seeing as she can speak in both languages fluently enough.

“Hello?” The blonde girl said hoarsely. She gulped down a mouthful of saliva to wet her throat and asked the question again. Only this time louder and bolder. She stared frightfully at the gloomy emerald trees looming in the distance.

She knew it was stupid but something deep inside of her was urging her feet forward. Her brain was screaming for her not to but something…something else was telling her she had to. So like the stupid chics in all those horror flicks she began to walk towards her inevitable death.

The wet grass tickled her shoeless feet as she continued to make her way towards that forest. At about the halfway point she halted abruptly.

“What am I thinking?” The young teen questioned, while shaking her head in disbelief. Had she really just been about to walk into a dark forest all alone? It was as if someone had possessed her mind for a few minutes and made her walk towards them but like a cool wave of water she had brushed the feeling away.

“Don’t be stupid, Luna. Turn around and go home,” the light-haired girl, Luna, murmured to herself as she slowly turned on her feet and began to walk back towards her home. The meadow was met with a deaf-defying silence. No chirping crickets or howling wolves, not even the weird language like noises could be heard.

Feeling as if someone else was watching her Luna hesitantly looked over her shoulder. She let out an unsteady gasp when she saw nothing and continued to walk on, this time at a faster pace.

A loud scream filled the ever-growing peace; Luna’s yell. Everything happened in a swift blur but one thing’s for certain…the field is now vacant.


End Note--Thank you all for reading! Please leave a comment or review! Should be updating soon (:



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