Lisa regrets

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Lisa does something she regrets for her life.

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013



I am Lisa, i want something really badly that everybody else has but me and my parents wont let me have it. A laptop. I have my own now but i am suspended from school because of what  i did. We had PE and i was in the changing room,the teacher thought i was in the toilet. I did this regularly, so i could see if i could find something cool. Everyone else was outside when i saw Holly's laptop insside a open bag. i wanted one really badly,without thinking i forced it out of the bag and into mine. At lunch break Holly cried because she could not find her laptop. I felt kind of guilty, but i was to scared to give Holly back her laptop. One week later i was called into the principals office, my parents, my teacher, Holly, Holly parents were all there. I knew i had been found out. The principal said i could continue for this month and i had to give Hollys laptop back and then i had to eave this school. I felt really upset and my parents could barely look at me. But i know i had done something wrong and it was i who was to take the blame. Holly is my best friend now but, whenever we video caht on skype we cant help talking about what i did and none of us could help crying about it.

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