The Maiden and The Wolf Prince

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Hisako Yamamato , a sickly girl who's been in the hospital for almost 10 years, waiting to be discharged. That night as she was making a wish , she saw something shining in the forest opposite the hospital so she sneakily leaves the hospital by climbing down the window. Then she encounters a mysterious boy who calls himself Shun and he turns out to be a....

Submitted: April 22, 2013

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Submitted: April 22, 2013



On a bright sunny day in Hokaiddo , Japan . There was a hospital called Kaede hospital , then there lived a girl who's suffering with an unknown sickness even the doctors could not tell what it is . And so 10 years past ,  the girl patiently waited to be discharge , she never lost hope and never gives up . Her name is Hisako Yamamoto .

 That night as the stars twinkle brightly on the sky , she walks towards the window and sees a shooting star , then she makes a wish " I wish to be free from this hospital ". 

Suddenly , Hisako sees something shining from forest opposite the hospital . Hisako decided to see what's going on so sneakily leaves her ward by climbing down from the window . Slowly she climbs down and finally she landed safely .

Hisako quickly runs into the forest without anyone following her from the back . The deeper she goes , the darker it will be at night .

And so Hisako finally sees the light coming from the bushes , so she quickly walks through the bushes then she sees a boy sitting on boulder right in front of the river .

Hisako slowly walks closer to take a closer look of that boy . " Who is that boy ? what is his name ? " said Hisako to herself  as she's hiding behind the trees .

As Hisako slowly walks closer then she accidentally steps on a twig that is on the ground .

As he heard something coming from the bushes , he stands up and said " Who's there ? show yourself ! "

Hisako stated to panic and said " What am I going to do ? I can't let him see me like this ! "

The boy shouted " Hey quit hiding I know you're there . Show yourself ! "

" I guess I have no other choice " said Hisako as she comes out from her hiding spot .

The boy quickly jumps down from the boulder and walks closers to her as he said " Hmm… a human girl I see , what bring's you here in this dark and spooky forest , human ? "

" It's none of your business " said Hisako , who thinks that the boy might hurt or kidnap her .  

" Hmm..I see , in that case I'll go then leaving you alone in this dark spooky forest with ghosts and werewolves especially " said the boy with a smile , which scares Hisako the most .

Hisako quickly hides behind the trees and started to shiver with fear in the dark . The boy walks to her and said " Hey don't tell me that you're afraid of the dark ? "

As Hisako nods , so the boy continues " Come here human ! "

Hisako said " My name is not human , it's Hisako !  Yamamoto Hisako " as she's still hiding behind the trees .

The boy smiles and said " I see , so human ,  I mean Hisako ! where are you from ? "

" I'm from that hospital over there . " said Hisako as she points to that hospital which is opposite the forest  . " I see , what sickness are you suffering now ? " asked the boy .  

" I don't know " said Hisako . " And even the doctors don't  know what sickness was it . They were studying about this sickness for 10 years . "

" Wow that's so long "said the boy . " Don't tell me you've been living in that hospital in your entire life ? "

" Well you can say that " said Hisako with a smile . "All my life I dream to be free from that hospital and I want to see the world . "

" Wow you're really dramatic for a human ! " said the boy .
Hisako becomes angry and said " Why you little twit , I'm gonna teach a lesson , you'll never forget " as she's ready to punch the boy .

" Hisako , let me tell you something . I'm not a worthless human like you ! " said the boy .

" Then what are you ? are you ghost , a demon who eats humans who past by the forest or a…. "

The boy interrupted Hisako's speech and said " I'm a werewolf plus I'm the prince of the southern wolf tribe . "

" What ?! were….wolf ?! you can't be serious , that's impossible " said Hisako as she's about to panic .

" Don't worry Hisako , I'm not going to eat you , ok ? " said the boy as he held his hand to Hisako . " Trust me , Hisako . "

So Hisako slowly grabs the boy's hand and stands up from her hiding place . " Um..since you know my name but I don't know your's " .  said Hisako as she blushes .

" I'm Shun , nice meet ya Hisako ! " smiled the boy .

"Nice to meet you too Shun ! " said Hisako with a smile .
As the sky turns dawn as the sun rises from the east , Shun looks up and watches the birds tweeting on the trees . " Oh no ! it's already dawn , I should get back to the hospital before they find out I'm gone ! " said Hisako as she's about to run back to the hospital .

" Just a minute , there's something I want to tell you " said Shun as he hugs her from the back . " You're pretty dramatic for a human girl like you* , Hisako turns back and Shun suddenly disappears ,

" How did he…." said Hisako as she becomes surprised.

"How did I what ? " said Shun as he reappears standing on the boulder . " How did I disappear and reappear ? it's simple , that's because I'm not human . "

Hisako turns back to Shun and said " Then what are you ? "

" I told you before , I'm a wolf . " said Shun .

" I don't believe it . " said Hisako .

" I think you should go ! " said Shun .

Hisako nods and said " You're right , until we meet again . Bye !! "

Off Hisako runs out of the dark forest  and she smiled happily as she finally meets her future prince charming .  

And so months have past and autumn has finally come as Hisako is talking a strolls on the hospital garden . She watches the leaves falling from the branches .

" Why does time have to go so fast ? " Hisako wondered .

" Hisako ! It's time take your medicine" called the nurse who is waiting at the back door of the hospital .

Hisako quickly walks to the backdoor where the nurse is waiting for her .



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