Mr. Bloop

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Kyle [Twinny] gave m the idea for this i think lol

Submitted: March 12, 2010

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Submitted: March 12, 2010



Once, ther was a blob names Bloop. All Blop could say was 'blop' so thats what everyone called him. His real name wasnt Bloop, it was Fred.

Fred was sad one day. His friend Bill came over to play checkers. Bill noticed Fred was sad, and asked him what was wrong. ''Bloop!! Bloop!!''

Then Bill got an idea. He handed Fred a piece of paper and pen. '' Right down what you need to say!''
Fred did just that. It said 'bloopers'

Fred was sooooo freaking mad. Bill was becoming mad too.

2 years later, Bill made a speaking machine. He showed it to Fred and he said "Bloop Bloop Bloop!!!"
Bill instructed to Fred that he is to speak into the tube on top. Fred did as he was told and the machine. The machine lit up and beeped. then it spit out a paper that said::
'I dont just say bloop..i can speak english too'
Bill looked at Fred, "really??"

Fred laughed and said, " Yup bloop bloop..."

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