Dark Secrets of a College Campus

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A portion of a potential ghost story I want to write. About a college student who wakes up in a library during a night of cramming and witnesses something terrifying


I woke up with a jolt. It took me a second to comprehend where I was.A desk was in front of me and a textbook open with a wet patch of where my sleep left its mark. I looked around to see if anyone had seen my dramatic awakening. There was not a person in sight. My watch read 1:46AM. “How long have I been out?” I thought. I moved to rub my eyes to return them to their normal state. The last thing I remembered was studying with my study group for our European History exam that was coming up tomorrow. “I can’t believe they just left me here.” I looked back at my textbook and my stomach dropped. I still had around 100 pages to read. I scratched the top of my head and decided to not complain and just get it done.
Thirty minutes passed as I plunged into the dreary pages of European History: A Complete Work. I still had around 65 pages to read when I felt my want and spirit start draining. No one had come in or out of the library since I had woken up- but it being so late I guess that was not a surprise. My eyes started to get heavy. I rubbed them until I felt their strength return. A light flicked to my right. I looked over to see that the light blub would blow any second. It was one of two light sources in this room; the other being a low quality overhead light that barely lit the room. “Fantastic,” I sarcastically thought. I shut my textbook and slid it into my backpack. No sense being in a place where I can’t see what I’m reading. Standing up I slung my backpack over my shoulder and instantly heard a pitter patter behind me. I spun around only to be greeted with the same stagnant room I had spent my entire night in.
I moved in the direction of the small pitter patter. I reached the assumed source of the sound but was stripped of my attention as I heard the same sound from the other end of the room. Pitter patter. My face scrunched in questioning as I found my body walking towards the new source of sound. My feet treaded softly so I could keep my eyes open for the sound to lead me in a different direction. Half way to the other section of the room, a door hinge creaked and swallowed all my attention. The pitter patter moved to the back of my mind. The door did not seem to move, but the sound had unmistakably come from it. My curiosity moved me towards the door and opened it and cold air rushed past my body. The room in front of me was darker than the room I was standing in. My goose chase ends here. I left the door open and moved to the exit. As I reached for the doorknob a barely audible “Anthony,” wisped by my ears. I twisted around to barely see what appeared to be a shadow creep into the door. My body started moving towards the door when my mind was saying to stay. It’s late and my mind was playing tricks on me. I peeked inside the door to find the same creeping shadow move past a bookshelf. Maybe this isn’t my mind. I briskly walked towardswhere the shadow had hid itself. I found nothing. I turned my body around to check behind me and then a cold wisp crept up my back. I froze suddenly. A feeling of dread protruded into my back. I couldn’t move. Something was behind me but my body was immobilized. I could almost feel something breathing on my neck but wasn’t sure what was real and what was my imagination. The immense feeling of being examined filled my entire body. Like I was under a microscope. 
I forced myself around and was only confronted by nothing. A chuckle left my mouth as I realized how foolish your imagination and past screenings of ghost movies can make you paranoid. The door to the room slammed and brought all the previous feelings back. Dread. Coldness. Examination. I moved myself back to wear I could see the door. I couldn’t believe what my eyes were telling my brain what was in front of me. At the end of the room, in front of the door, was a wispy and smoky mass in front of the door. My heart started pounding up against my ribcage forcefully and my skin felt cold and white. Though there was no form to the shadow- it was looking right into my eyes. They burned. Tears started to fall down my face my sweat made my entire body clammy. The shadow started moving towards me slowly. Fear made my body useless while my mind was yelling at it to move. The closer it got to me the louder a hissing noise got. The shadow continued to move towards me. I clenched my eyes shut as the shadow over took my body. I thought of home and friends as I was sure that this was the end of my life. As the shadow made contact with my body it seemed to clutch my heart and make it stop beating. I shivered and my nostrils took in a smell of cheap cologne and alcohol. Tears continued to fall down my face and finally my throat let out a scream so loud I hoped someone would hear the final sound I made before this shadow took my life. Almost as sudden as it started, the feelings and smells were gone. I was still standing there. I looked behind me and there was nothing. Everything was normal. I didn’t feel like I was under examination. I didn’t feel cold. I didn’t even feel scared anymore. “Did all of that actually happen?” The thought that I was actually going to survive shocked my body and my vision faded.
I was being shaken. I opened my eyes to a woman saying something but I couldn’t here it. As my conciseness slowly crept back to me and I could hear what she was saying:
“Are you alright? What happened?” A quivering and quizzical voice asked me.
“I-I don’t know,” was the response I gave. “What time is it?”
“It’s around 10AM. I came in here to get a book and found you totally asleep.” She paused, “I took me about fifteen minutes to get you awake; I called the campus health center to come look at you. She’s on her way.”
“Oh, thank you. I honestly don’t know what happened.” I moved to a sitting position, “I was studying for a test, came in here for a book and then you woke me up.” I didn’t dare tell her what I thought I witnessed.
The lady started to pick up the books and froze with her gaze fixed on my arm. “What’s that?” she asked as life left her face.
I looked down to my arm to find three scratch marks down my forearm, deep enough to draw a little bit of blood. As my eyes fixed on my souvenir my attacker left me, all the feelings of dread and coldness filled my body. This was reality. This actually happened. There was something terribly wrong going on inside this library.

Submitted: October 17, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Winston Gray. All rights reserved.

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The story line so far is good, as well as your descriptions. I just want to point a few spelling errors and sentence structure tips. In the paragraph beginning with "I forced myself around and..." You use "wear", but it should be "where". Also, the sentence "My heart started pounding up against my rib cage forcefully...", I would switch it around to say "My heart started pounding forcefully against my rib cage". It flows better with the adjective after the verb, and the 'up' is unnecessary. "Tears started to fall down my face..." needs commas in that sentence to separate what is happening. I like the ending with the scratches on Anthony's arm, that was a nice little surprise for readers.

Wed, October 17th, 2012 6:56pm


Thank you very much for taking the time to write all of that out. Sometime tonight I'll go and change the grammatical errors you pointed out. I have a tendecy to write fast and miss stuff like that so thank you again.
I'll return the favor and read some of what you've posted.


Wed, October 17th, 2012 2:45pm


Good story wish I had read it at night would have been scarier!Thanks for posting it.

Wed, October 17th, 2012 7:57pm


Thanks for taking the time to read! I'll be sure to check out your writing as well.

Wed, October 17th, 2012 3:24pm

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