Higher: A short story

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This is a short story from the world of Higher, a novel series i'm currently working on. Read this to understand the beginning and lore of Higher. Please enjoy.

Submitted: April 13, 2013

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Submitted: April 13, 2013



Higher: A short story.


Extract from an ancient tablet found in Africa, kindly translated into english.

Unknown :Those magnificent wings. i will never be bored at looking! The sun god will truly be pleased!

Maybe now, he will grant us the protection we desire!

We can fight no more, Harlenk is tired. So am i.

Oh sun god! Give me your divine shield! Give Herlenk, hatchling of Sonek, your blessing!

We lay down our arms!

We give you the wings of our enemies!

We sastify your thirst!

Oh sun god, we are the last few! Save us and then end us.

Only then will we find peace

A reclaimed scorll found in an hidden cave. Dating closer to present day

 It  reads:  They killed the king. It is treason. It is war.

They have declared war.

But i refuse to believe this. They were our partners, our allies.

We helped them. We fought alongside them. For so many centuries.

Our spawn mingle with their young. We give them everything.

And yet, betrayed.

Revenge must be taken, but no rule states i have to like it


The final page of a chared book. Dating closest to our time.

It reads: It is done.

The war is over.

They are gone. Forever.

And yet i sob, with my heart tearing itself into pieces.

My dear Umkole,  -this part being burned off, and a few sentences unreadable-

-It continues here- 

Our children will never get to see each other, but their souls are forever intertwined.

I miss you old friend.

Should your kind apologise, we will rush to heal all wounds.

We are not enemies. We should not be.

But we are.

Goodbye, and the stars shall watch the tale unfold with great sorrow, just like me. 


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