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A teenage girl loses her family to a creep in a rusty red truck. However, he tries to give her just what she wants... but in the worst way possible.

Submitted: November 14, 2013

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Submitted: November 14, 2013



After over a decade, I still lived controlled by a certain living, breathing parasite in the form of a parasite. My life was not mine, but theirs. I only yearned for something to come along and save me from the Hell that existed and controlled me.

A man, unknown looks except for a camouflage jacket and cap, drove his pickup truck to my house at dawn.
Inside, he proceeded to murder my mother and then taped up and dragged my stepfather, brother, and I outside into the front yard.

There, he slit each of our throats, mine last. He undid the duct tape around our wrists and tried to walk away.

He did not cut my throat deep enough, and I was coherent enough to get up and attack him.

Suffice to say that I did not kill him. He had a gun on his person, which was held to my head. He led me to the red rust bucket that was his truck.

In the truck, he asked me what guy in my age range would I be willing to sacrifice the family of to be with, not unlike a married couple.

I stated to his face that I would only answer that if he murdered a despicable human being that plagued my life and would "ruin his plan."

"All right. Where would this be?" the captor asked.

I gave him directions to the house of this parasite. Idling outside the house, I told the captor that I wanted to help. However, the parasite had her doubts and came barging out with a large chef's knife.

"Shoot!" I yell.

He goes through one round directly into the parasite's face. When that didn't work, he took out an axe and threw it at the parasite, where it lodged in her head. Dazed, the parasite stumbles. The captor runs over her, squishing her flat. Her head made a loud crunch sound and then loud squishing sounds.

Positively dead, the captor first burns some rubber to get rid of the gunk from the tires, then drives us far enough away to not get caught for the crime and pulls over. Here reloads the gun and places it to my head once again.

"You don't need to do that," I say, slowly pushing the gun away. "You killed that person back there. You may have killed my family, but killing that disgusting waste of skin back there saved my life in the long run. Thank you."

Bewildered, he lays the gun on his lap and asks for directions to the house of who I will be with for unknown amounts of time.

At the person's house, he goes in and takes the lives of the parents. Also disposing of the bodies, he leaves the house and drags me in there.

The person, Alex, is awake and taped to his parents' bed. Seeing me, his eyes go wide but a tiny smirk appears in the corner of his mouth.

"You guys are going to be a married couple. Little did you know, I can make that happen. I have that power."

After forcefully marrying Alex and I, he explained that we would only leave to go to school. He would buy our groceries, and we only had to make a list. He also explained that he killed the ability to call anyone, or use the internet. The only contact we would have with others would be in school. He also stated that he was expecting us to "do" what married couples... "do."

With a last statement of "I will always be watching. Always," he left the house and Alex and I were on our own... sort of.
After standing and staring at the door for another few moments, Alex turned to me and squinted his eyes, the smirk still present.

"Yes?" I asked after turning to him.

"Oh, nothing."

"You don't have a right to do that now, you know."

"Just... I sort of pictured us together. Not in this situation, but it is still a little weird that it happened."

"Us getting married?"

"Mhm," he said, and changing to a whisper. "And I will be outright honest and say that I have... imagined us in bed before. Even a few times with you right there sitting next to me."

"Well that makes two of us," I whispered back.

A smile engulfed his face, and he placed his hands on my hips and kissed me. I kissed him back, and we slowly migrated over to the couch. While on the couch, we made out and he had begun to feel me up. He tried to take off my shirt, but I stopped him.

"Why not? You just said you thought of it too."

"I meant at night. What did you think of...?"

"Umm... Time freeze and doing it right then and there in class."


"Tonight. I will not hold back, either."

So he and I made breakfast together, and ate together. Such rituals for each meal occurred, with little done in between.

That night, and every other night except on certain evident nights, it happened. On the first night, while Alex was on top, he noticed a flashing light outside. Looking out, he saw the captor watching us.

"Hun," Alex whispered, "he is outside watching us. Watching us as I speak."

"What?!" I said as I tried to sit up and look.

Alex pushed me back down. "Switch positions with me. Make it look normal. As if I never told you or noticed."

We switched positions and I saw the captor. Night vision goggles, sitting in his nasty truck.

At school, Alex stayed close to me whenever he can just in case someone appeared to speak about it. During sixth period, we went to the office and told then everything. My father, and Juliette, came to the school upon hearing the news. When given the choice, Alex and I chose to stay together. Life continued like so: school, food, bed, sleep, repeat.

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