The most beautiful smile I have ever seen

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It was the most beautiful smile I had ever seen, but it was only after we had experienced winter that we could feel the beauty of spring.

Submitted: January 31, 2015

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Submitted: January 31, 2015



The most beautiful smile I have ever seen

The most beautiful smile I have ever seen was that of my best friends. We are not very similar. But even so, our friendship has been sustained though many difficulties. We have been friends for only a mere seven years and a few years ago, I moved away after earning a scholarship in a college all the way on the other side of the country. But we’ve still remained in contact and I am very grateful to have them supporting me. There have been many times when I have seen very beautiful smiles, but I believe this one was the loveliest out of all of them:

It was during the time before I left and we were still young eighth graders in middle school. I can still remember the harsh winter that arrived that sunny Wednesday afternoon in April. We were all together afterschool and walking home. The four of us were very tight. Avery was the eldest and had a talent for singing. Deline was headstrong and stubborn, Samantha had a taste for cooking, and I, Elaine, was quiet and shy. Despite our differences, we found the qualities we wanted in a friend within all of us. We’ve all had our share of arguments and pain. Each had their own boy problems and all of us were there to comfort the other. I believe we were the definition of friends.

That day, we were heading to Deline’s house to work on a project. We had all decided to work together as soon as the teacher announced we were to make our own group. As soon as the last bell rang, I ran to meet the rest of the group in the cafeteria. Avery and Samantha had already arrived and reprimanded me for being so late despite Deline not being present. After a few more minutes, Deline showed up panting and took another few minutes to regain her composure. We then set off to our destination. It was a beautiful day and the flowers were fully bloomed. Vivid shades of color brought out the emerald green of the oak leaves. It was a gorgeous sight, though Samantha kept grumbling about the effects of her pollen allergies. It was such a great day that my only regret was what happened after.


Flashing red and blue lights accompanied by the cries of sirens.

Screaming. Who, I don’t know. Me? Samantha? Avery? All three?

People surrounding us.

And finally, Deline was lying on the ground.

She had gotten hit by a car. The person was unknown as they had driven away before the ambulance had arrived and before any of us had understood what had happened in that second.

Deline was taken to the hospital and would stay there for another few months, hanging on the edge of life and death. We would also spend most of our time there, hoping that our beloved, treasured and cheerful friend would return to us for she had been thrown into a coma. But I feel like I was the one who was the most affected. We had known each other for a few years now, but I had personally known Deline since the young age of six after she had saved me from the merciless teasing of the first grade boys. Seeing my friend, someone I loved in such a terrible state, broke me. I’d spend hours clutching her hand, praying she’d fight against the low odds and come through.

I tried my best to not cry because I knew she would never have wanted me to cry, but in those moments, I just couldn't help it. But each tear drop held my faith. Oh, how much I wished to hear the voice of my dear friend. So in room 446 on the fourth floor of the hospital, you would see the profile of a trembling girl with short brown hair gripping the hand of the still figure of her best friend, a close-eyed girl with her black locks spread on the white pillow. They were the only two people in this blank white room with white fluttering drapes, ruffled by the soft spring breeze. The scent of crisp air and chemicals wafted around the room. Jays and robins chirped outside, while soft warm sun rays illuminated the room. But I took no notice, not even when the other two entered. The soft click of the wooden door was ignored. It wasn’t until a pair of soft hands rested on my shoulders that I noticed their presence.

Those were the most fearful days of my life then. But then, it seems someone had heard our pleas and prayers. It was a miracle that I thought only occurred in books, the happy endings you predicted would happen the moment you plucked the book from the shelf.

It seems she will awaken soon.

Those were the exact words of the doctor. I can still remember them clearly, even after so many long years, even as I’m typing out this story. They were like the first signs of tender green sprouts after a severe unforgiving winter.

I was running to Deline’s room with Avery and Samantha when the doctor met us at the door. His eyes were shining with happiness instead of the weary worn down look I had saw every time I asked of Deline’s condition.

She will live.

Your friend is out of danger.

The relief was bliss and days later, Deline woke up. Though she was groggy and still weak, we were overjoyed. And then, I saw it. Deline’s smile. It was beautiful and I admit it, I was mesmerized by it. The way Deline was able to smile was so happy, so free, with such joy.

The loving smiles of Samantha, of Avery made the cold fall morning warm up. The sheer knowledge that our precious friend was safe brought such beautiful smiles to their faces along with the joyful grin of Deline. And at that moment I knew those were the most beautiful smiles I had ever seen.

Thank you.

I know I was crying as soon Deline uttered that phrase because I knew she had known we were there for her. But, even after so many years, the memory of those beautiful smiles won’t ever fail to brighten my day. The happiness I felt on that day was something that could only be known after experiencing the harshness cold winter. But it was worth it. Because if I could ever compare their blissful faces to anything, it would be the warm spring that melted winter’s icy shell and brought life to the barren earth.

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