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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

On the new civilization known to all as Klegan, it's the place where people live after Earth was destroyed, thus, the population has been dramatically reduced, but that's not the issue here. Here Eye Color defines your personality, your whole identity. When Zoe's little sister, Rose, is born with bright pink eyes, the Eye Color ID Mirror simply reads 'Immunity', to which Dr. Ray replies simply, "Well, that's good, then. We need more of them."

Will an ancient lost link in scientific technology save them from what`s coming next?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - The Gathering

Let's get started. Hope you like it!

It's a discontinued blog but it has two characters on it, so... Read Chapter

Chapter 2 - Troublemakers

Check it out on Wattpad! Sorry it's so shorter than last time, but I'm working on 3 already...

Ps. Forgot I wrote this too:
  If I only skipped a line, that just means a small time change/a pause has taken place. Hope you enjoy! Also any ideas on how to best fix Melody's POV last chapter (it was accidentally in 3rd, unlike the rest of the story)? And if there are any odd extra or missing words or phrases go ahead and Icomment plz. I feel like I add a few uneeded words sometimes. Any misspells too. I wish you all 3 hugs and 3 reviews (as this is the 3rd update sorta). :):):)
  (Or if the symbol isn't there, it means it's still the same POV. Although I labeled POV here in the second chapter. Should I put the last part of Ch.1 in italics, the flashback?)
  Most importantly: Do you think the chapter should stop here or should I keep working up towards 900 or 1,000 or so? Is this a good stopping place? Either way, the next part will still be remotely the same, so whatever you think is best please. I'm thinking of starting it in the next chapter.
  Message me with answers or comment down below plz! Read Chapter

Chapter 3 - Night Owls and the Encounter

A/N: In the little dialogue bit below, Mattie speaks, then Lil. The next chapter will probably be released on Friday or Saturday, which is what I hope the weekly basis will be. Chapter 4 is
dedicated to my own school days beginning on August 28th. Also, I feel like fours a little fast-paced, so whatchathink?
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Chapter 4 - Little Too Late

  Let me just start by saying I'm a late riser. By the time I've been successfully woken up for school, I usually have five to ten m... Read Chapter

Chapter 5 - Yesterday

A/N: Which is when this takes place in the story. You seem this littler girl before. I pronounce their names (ay-zy-lah) and (ay-yawn-a) but it's your own free choice. This chapter is a bit
shorter, with a maybe darker twist than I imagined. Poor girl. It's like me waking up with one eye glued shut, then the other, for about a week. It was 'ugh'.
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