Hoop girl retures

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Its about a girl to give up her supper villan life but it is to hard to resist when she whants revenge!

I made this in year 6 11-12 years old

Submitted: May 15, 2008

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Submitted: May 15, 2008



\"\"Hoop girl returns\"\"

Have you dry cleaned my outfit?” asked Natasha, “yes darling just leave it will be ready tomorrow” shouted her mother “BUT I NEED IT NOW” shouted Natasha, “I knew I should have kept it in the draw” she muttered to herself. Natasha was a normal girl that lived on a normal street with her Normal mother and father at least that’s what she said to everyone she knew, she was trying to retire from the super villain life of stealing money to taking handbags, she knew she should have never let her mother see that horrible suit, that bring back horrible memories. “NATASHA!” shouted her mother sternly “WHAT DO YOU USE THIS SUIT FOR?,YOU SHOULD PROBABLY PLAY WITH IT AGAIN LIKE THE OLD DAYS hu? KIDO” Her mother went on “ uh?, I Really shouldn’t” she said to herself “BUT…OKAY” Natasha shouted back at her mother, it was now payback time for Super Sophie! Natasha got to school that day and met up with her friend Mille, She went to turn around to talk it her when Sophie was already saying what she did over the weekend “I went on a fairs wheel and I went on a go cart and I jumped over my sister, Haaaaaaa!”Sophie said “quickly mille” Natasha said “quickly Sophie is having a breakdown” as they walked away they could hear Sophie going crazy “waqkdylI HDUGJDHalvg” Sophie shouted out loud, everyone stared at her including Natasha and Mille. Natasha new that Mille was trust worthy and could be trusted so she could tell what she had been longing to tell Mille for a long time, “Hey mille” Natasha said softly “I have something to tell you!” “What” whispered Mille slyly “well…”then the bell rang and cut off the her sentence “I guess I got to go, time for school” she said in a rush and lee of into the class room. Natasha turned on her computer “ah what’s on TV” she said to herself Natasha had got a free TV connection so during class she could watch TV. She switched to the news channel and found the news reporter talking about a super hero live “the brave hero super Sophie has saved a robbery from happening in town square just the other morning she has to say a few words super Sophie,” Super Sophie then said “Hi everybody just watch out for jewels andyou’ll be save forever “Sophie finished her speech. Natasha never really liked super Sophie she only like the super in her name “fairly odd” said Natasha slightly “Sophie wasn’t at school today, was she? No “she muttered to herself “I got to stop super Sophie from saving another day “OH IM THE HERO OF THE DAY” she cackled and ran back to her house!

What will she do, will she defeat super Sophie or will she resist the temptation to follow an evil path?
To be continued…..

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