lolly land

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Its about three girls that visit a candy land and one of the girls KNG gets kibnapped by cady flossy and candy will show its dard side

i madethis when i was in year 3 about 8-9 years old

Submitted: May 15, 2008

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Submitted: May 15, 2008



\"\"Lolly land\"\"

Sophie and HuiYing were having a sleep over! Sophie heard a sound on the side of her window. “Look,” said Sophie pointing at the window. It was Sophie’s 6th birthday and the sleepover was Sophie’s party. “Mum, why am I only allowed to invite one person,” demanded Sophie as she was finishing off her Pancakes.“Honey,” said her Mum. Kathryn Ngs coming soon so put some clothes on. Same with HuiYing,” so Sophie and HuiYing went up stairs. “Hey,” whispered Sophie. “I have some candy.” “It might be sticky but its still yum.” So Sophie and HuiYing went looking for it. “Hey,” said HuiYing “there it is,”, Sophie ate it first, then HuiYing before they could swallow it the door bell rang. “Coming,” answered her Mother. It was KNg “hey guys,” said KNg. “Try a lolly,” said Sophie and Huiying.They threw it down.

Chapter 2
Mmm yum
Sophie could see HuiYing on the other side of the fake candy-cane. “Look,” said Sophie. “Its edable,” said Sophie and KNg. Sophie, Huiyng and KNg were in some sort of place. “Hey,” shouted Huiyng. “Aaaaaah, a horse wait a dog,” shouted Huiying. Sophie and HuiYing got picked up while KNg got taken away. “Help,” shouted KNg. Sophie and Huying flew high up into the clouds. “Hey,” said a Girl. She was wearing a white dress and she had a pair of wings. WINGS! Sophie and HuiYing went on. “Here’s the plan we go to the mint mountain to the dark area, that’s were the man probably is,” explained HuiYing. “Good,” said Sophie lets go!

Chapter 3


“Hey,” said the Dog. “The name is Fred,” Sophie was surprised “Right Fred.” said Sophie. “Fly down to that dark spot,” commanded Sophie. “That’s the dangerous place,” said Fred. “Who cares KNg is down there,” said Sophie. “Okay,” said Fred so they headed down. “We will take it from here,” said HuiYing getting off Fred. They walked into the darkness Sophie and HuiYing’s nightmares were like this!
Chapter 4
Scared or not?
Sophie and HuiYing were getting closer and closer to the dark back bit. “Aaah,” said Sophie putting up her finger! Its edable it is candy floss!!! “Cool,” sad HuiYing. They went on and they could see the candy cage just swinging over rotten candy.
 Chapter 5
Go KNg go
“She is coming,” said KNg. “Wait her kidnapper is a girl!” said HuiYing surprised. Then Sophie had a thought. “Eat the candy cage to get out,” suggested Sophie. “Okay,” said KNg so she did.
After 3 minutes KNg got through. It was hard but still possible. Sophie, Huiying and KNg ran out of sight!  
Chapter 6
Escaped or not!
Sophie and her friends could see a swirl ahead. “Jump,” said HuiYing. “It might be the way out?” So they jumped...
2 seconds later…..
“Is every one in one piece?” asked Sophie. “Yeah,” said KNg and HuiYing. Sophie, HuiYing and KNg had landed on the bed at Sophie’s house.  
 “I think I should get more of those lollies that take us to Lolly Land,” said Sophie!
Chapter 7
Lolly land
One week later… Sophie had got the lollies with her savings. She ate a piece and went to Lolly Land to explore!
\"\" The End \"\"

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