Super Sophie saves the bnak

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its about a super girl that sves the day and saves the local bank with her side kicks Super Gabi and Super Charlie, he is a dog!
Super s faces her vilan...
what will happen next?
i only made this when i was in year 3, About 7-8 yaers old

Submitted: May 15, 2008

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Submitted: May 15, 2008



\"\"Super sophie saves the bank\"\"

One morning Sophie woke with a start as usual. She put on her super suit, same with Gabi. When Sophie woke up she fed Charlie the super dog. Anyway Gabi was just putting on her super suit when she heard the door bell ring. Ding-dong, rang the door bell.

“I will get it’’, said Sophie as she was walking to the door. It was Steph. “Hi Steph”, said Sophie and Gabi. I also need to tell you that if Sophie goes in public she is known as Super Sophie. Same with all the other Super Heroes. As I was saying Steph came in. “Hi guys”, shouted Steph. “You don’t need to shout”, said Sophie. “Okay”, said Steph again. Then the news came on. The news reporter started talking. “Today on the news there is some bad news. The evil Katherine is back”. “OH-NO”, said Sophie and Gabi in a sad voice. “Well what are we waiting for?” said Sophie. “Let’s go”. So they went to save the day. Meanwhile evil Katherine was planning to be rich so she could rule the world. “WE CANT LET HER TAKE THE GOLD”, shouted Super Sophie. “We will have to take a trip to the bank”, said Super Gabi. “But which bank?” asked Super Sophie? Super Sophie and Super Gabi looked at all the banks. “LOOK”, shouted Super Gabi. “There’s evil Katherine flying into China Town”. Super Sophie could fly, so Super Sophie picked up Super Gabi and flew to China Town. Meanwhile Steph was having chinse food. “Mmmm”, mumbled Steph. This is good fried rice”. Super Sophie and Super Gabi just got there. “This is a waste of time”, shouted evil Katherine. “Let’s fight”Super Sophie said, “Okay”. Evil Katherine got her electrical sword out and Super Sophie and Super Gabi got their swords out (they were electrical swords).They fought and fought until Super Sophie and Super Gabi got trapped. But then Super Charlie stormed in. “WOOF. WOOF”, BARKED Super Charlie. Evil Katherine’s attention was on Super Charlie. Then super Sophie grabbed Evil Katherine and Super Gabi tied here up in some rope. Super Charlie dug a hole and put her in it. Next Super Sophie rang the police. The police got there ever so quickly. “Good job Super Sophie, Super Gabi and Super Charlie. You have done it again!”
And that’s the story of three girls and a dog.\"\"

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