Inn and Out Burger

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While I admire the tastes for the deliciousness of deep fried battered chicken ; I reserve the executive decision to have my own food cravings. I just can't help myself but to feel the need once in a while to eat a hamburger and in the same predicament I was sitting at my dining table with my wife who also loves hamburgers and more than two options were before us. McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy's were all before us and it seemed like paradise. I have to say that normally we would have been the happiest couple alive but unfortunately we had our own experience with another and dear I say better hamburger alternative that left us with the pain of craving! While I was on the road I visited the Orange County California area and saw a different kind of Hamburger establishment and yes we did visit In and Out burger. There was something particular to the toasted buns and the fresh hamburgers that crunched from toasted freshness along with the crispness of the freshly cut deep fried French fries.  The scenery is reminiscent of the way things were and the way a quality hamburg establishment ought to be.  Long story short the meal far exceeds is affordability.  Now can you feel where I am coming from? You just can’t get that kind of uniformed service with a smile anywhere anymore. So I’m singing this song sitting at my table eating an enjoyable meal but remembering that wonderful far away experience at the non drive through In and Out restaurant where the food was cooked in front of you fresh and the service came with a smile.

Submitted: April 16, 2016

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