Giggly Monster

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When a little girl finds a monster under her bed, you never know what can happen. You're invited to find out!

Submitted: October 18, 2015

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Submitted: October 18, 2015



Giggly Monster

“Lights out Amanda, it’s time for bed,” Mom said.

“Please, let me read just one more page,” Amanda begged.

“Honey, it’s late and you have school tomorrow, so turn off the lights.  I love you.”

“Okay, Mom.  I love you too.”

Amanda set the book on her dresser and shut off the light.  Snuggled in her covers and almost asleep she heard, “Gurgle, he-h e-he, slurp!”

Scared, Amanda flew off the bed, threw her bedroom door open, and raced down the hall to her parents’ room.

When she got there, she was out of breath and just stared at her shocked parents for a few seconds.  Then she gasped, “Help me!  There’s a monster under my bed!”

“Don’t be silly, there’s no such thing as monsters,” Dad said.  He returned his attention to the book he was reading.

“Go back to sleep, Amanda,” Mom replied. 

“But Mom…” Amanda whined.  “Go back to bed, honey,” Mom said calmly.  “You were just dreaming.”

Feeling defeated, Amanda walked back down the hall to her room.  She knew they were probably right.  Not that she would ever admit that to them.Parents can be such know-it-alls.  Sighing, Amanda climbed back into bed and fixed the covers.  She remembered the scary story she was reading before bedtime.  Maybe it was just my imagination after all.  She turned off the lights and got comfortable back under the covers.

“Gurgle, he-he-he, burp!”

Amanda froze.Her mind raced – What do I do now?  I already tried Mom and Dad.  I’m going to have to check it out myself.

Slowly and quietly, Amanda reached over to her dresser and grabbed the flashlight out of the top drawer.  She took a deep breath.  As fast as she could, she leaned over the side of her bed and shone the light on high beam.

“EEK!” something screeched.

Amanda sat straight up.  Her heart thumped hard in her chest.  Darn, she didn’t get a look at it.  But before she could find the courage to try again, she heard a hiccup, sniffling, and…crying?  Confused, Amanda decided to brave another look under the bed.  Here goes nothing, she thought.  She peered under the bed again.  And there it was staring back at her – a roly-poly, slimy, green thing with big ears and three eyes, and…  Are those tears?

Wait a second.  It looks like one of the monsters from my book, the short one.

With as much authority as she could fake (for an eight year old that is) Amanda demanded, “What are you doing under my bed?”

The creature wiped its eyes.  In a shaky voice it said, “I ran away from home.”

Amanda was stunned.  She had fantasized many times about running away from home and the adventures she would have.  But she was always too scared to really do it.  The truth was she liked her home, and her room, and Mom’s cooking, and being taken care of. 

Not knowing what to say, she finally asked, “Why?”

“I don’t want to be a scary monster anymore.  I want to make people smile and laugh.  I want to be a giggly monster,” it proudly exclaimed.

“You want to be a what?”  Amanda asked, confused.

“A giggly monster – I want to make children laugh, not scream.  I want to make friends.  I don’t want anyone to be afraid of me.”

Amanda wasn’t afraid anymore.  She actually felt bad for the little fellow.  Then, she thought of her book and asked, “How did you get out of my book and under my bed?”

“I’m not really sure,” the monster replied.  “I remember wishing and wishing and wishing with all of my might that I could leave the scary book.  Then I jumped.”

“Well, it worked.  So giggly monster, do you have a name?”  Amanda asked. 

The monster pondered this for a moment.  “You can call me Sam.  I’ve always liked the name Sam.  It’s so friendly.”

“Sam it is,” Amanda smiled.  “Now that you’re here, what do you want to do?”

Sam crawled out from underneath the bed.  “I am a little hungry.”

“Wishing will do that,” Amanda said.  She began searching her room for something to eat.  She usually had a few things hidden, from Mom that is.

“Aha,” Amanda found a half-eaten candy bar in one of her socks and some pretzels in her backpack.  She handed them to Sam.

Amanda watched as Sam shoved the food in his mouth and burped loudly.  “Yummy!”

Amanda laughed.  “That was disgusting.”

“Sorry, I don’t get out much.”

They both laughed.

“You know, you are pretty funny,” Amanda giggled. 

“Thanks,” smiled Sam with a toothy, fang-like grin.

“You sure are different from how you act in the book.  You were so scary I could really imagine you wanting to suck my brains out.”

“I know.  My Uncle Stan makes up the stories and we act them out.My family is not really scary, but my Dad says we have a reputation to protect.”

“That’s cool.”  “Well, what do you want to do now?” Amanda asked.

“Let’s watch television.  Funny shows are my favorite.  What do you like?” 

“I like funny shows too, but I don’t think it’s a good idea,” Amanda said.  “My parents always hear when my television is on.  I’m supposed to be sleeping.”

“Oh, me too, I always get caught at home.”  At the thought of home, Sam became sad and teary three-eyed all over again.

“How about we play some games?  I have all kinds,” Amanda said, trying to cheer Sam up.

“You’re on,” Sam replied.

And so they played games well into the night.  After the twelfth game of checkers (Sam’s favorite), they were both yawning.

“Maybe we should get some sleep,” Amanda suggested.

Amanda pulled an extra blanket out of the closet and gave Sam one of her pillows.  “You can sleep on my bean bag chair. It’s really soft,” Amanda offered.

“Okay, thanks.” Sam shuffled over to the bean bag.

“Good night Sam, my monster friend,” Amanda whispered softly.

“That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, calling me friend.”

“If you give kids a chance to get to know the real you, they’ll come around.  Just like me.  You’re so much fun that you’ll win them over in no time.”

“You really think so?” Sam asked hopefully.

“I know so,” Amanda replied confidently.  “Okay, well good night again.”

“Good night, friend. Sweet dreams,” whispered Sam.

Amanda was almost asleep, but then she heard Sam crying softly.

“What’s wrong?” Amanda asked.

Tears were streaming down Sam’s face.  “I miss my family so much.  I want to go home, but I don’t know how to get back in the book.”

Amanda felt so bad for Sam.  She imagined how sad she would be if she were separated from her family and didn’t know how to get back home.

Amanda thought really hard.  “You wished your way here, right?”

“Uh-huh, “Sam said between sniffles.

“So, wish your way back!”  Amanda said excitedly.

Sam shut his eyes and began to concentrate.  After a few minutes, he opened his eyes and sighed, “It’s not working.”

Amanda thought some more.  How could she help Sam get back home again?  “I got it!”  Amanda exclaimed.

“My Mom says that if you really want something, then you have to believe that you already have it.  I mean really believe it.  Just like the way you got here.”

“I’m trying, but I’m so upset.  I’m afraid I’ll never see my family again,” Sam wailed.

 “I know you are worried, Sam.  But you have to stay positive and think about already being home.”

“Okay, I will,” Sam decided.  “Maybe if I crawl back under the bed the way I came, that will help too?”

“That’s a great idea,” Amanda agreed.

“And I’ll imagine that I am happy and laughing and having so much fun.”

“That’s the spirit,” Amanda encouraged.  Then she helped Sam get comfortable under her bed with a blanket and pillow.  “Everything will be okay.  You just have to believe.  I know you can do it.”

“Amanda, it’s time to get up or you’ll be late for school,” a faraway voice called.

Amanda slowly opened her eyes, feeling very groggy.  Bright morning sunlight filled the room.  Amanda shoved her head under her pillow.  “Not yet,” she groaned.

Then, she sat straight up in bed.  Monster!

Amanda leaped from her bed and looked underneath.  No monster.  Amanda got up scratching her head, “Wow!  That was one wild dream!”  Then Amanda saw the book she was reading last night on her dresser.  Grabbing it, she began flipping through the pages.  To her amazement, there was Sam with his family – Sam smiling and laughing – Sam making friends – Sam having fun!

It wasn’t a dream. It was real.  Sam the monster was here and is now home again in the book. It worked!  It really worked!  Amanda squealed with delight.

There was a knock at her bedroom door.  Mom peeked in.  “Hurry honey, and get dressed.  Your breakfast is ready.”

“Thanks Mom.  I’ll be right there.”

Before Amanda put the book down to get ready for school, she looked at the last page.  Sam explained to his new friends, “True friends help you believe in yourself.  And when you believe – I mean really believe – anything is possible.”

Amanda smiled.  Good for you my monster friend.  Good for you.







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