Canine cussing.....

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For dog lovers only.....

Submitted: August 30, 2012

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Submitted: August 30, 2012





Who-ever said dogs were man`s best friend

Must`ve been completely `round the bend’,

From what I`ve seen and also heard,

That statement`s  really quite absurd.


Dogs rule the roost right from their birth,

Indeed, I`ll tell for what its worth.

Mollycoddled, kissed,  sometimes caressed,

Those wretched animals are truly blessed.


I`ve watched them laying on a chair,

Chase them off? No! Don’t you dare.

They sit there on their Royal throne

And won`t get off… without a bone.


Dogs in the home are just a curse

Just like another child to nurse.

One small puppy, a birthday occasion,

There you have it…..Complete invasion.


That canine cutie with sappy soft eyes,

Is really the Devil in disguise.

Your house, your home, your garden too

Will end up looking like a pile of poo!


The more you feed that horrible hound,

He`ll dig up every inch of ground,

Rose trees, tulips, lettuce, beet,

Will all be trampled `neath his feet.


To make dogs happy right from birth,

Tell me what you think its worth?

Once that pooch of yours feels pain,

You`re pouring money down the drain.


Veterinary surgeons don`t come cheap,

In fact they`ll really make you weep.

A broken leg or maybe worse,

Will make you wealthy…in reverse!


Other factors for your attention,

Ones I hardly dare to mention,

Is dogs will lick your face quite clean

But do you know where that tongue has been?


Ask a postman on his rounds,

What he thinks of blessed hounds.

He`ll show his trousers stitched beneath

Torn to shreds by canine teeth.


No wonder that he`s looking glum,

You should see the teeth marks on his bum .

No wonder letters do a flutter

And end up in the ruddy gutter.


No my friends accept my views,

Dogs to me are just bad news.

In fact I`ve  been cited for divorce.

Guess the reason……DOGS OF COURSE!!!!!!!




Geoffrey Kennell©






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