Girl Talk....

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This is how a nine year old girl sees life, the second member of my family of four...

Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011



Girl Talk


I have a dog, a cat, a rat, a Barbie doll and Ken

I have an elf up on a shelf, and a pig kept in a pen.

I have a bedroom all in blue and curtains that all match

I have a clutch of six brown eggs, I`m hoping that they`ll hatch.


I have a stick of bubble gum, some chocolates in a jar,

I have a swim suit all in red that’s got a matching bra.

I`ve got a brother who I hate, because he teases me,

I`ve got a mole that’s in a place where no-one else can see.


I have a Mom, a Dad… I`m glad I never see them fight,

I have an Uncle in Brazil who sometimes phones at night.

I have a blackboard and some chalk and teach my dollies sums,

And when they seem to get it wrong, I whack them on their bums.


I have a hi-fi, MP3 with stereophonic sound,

I have an itch that I can`t scratch when Mom and Dads around.

I have a friend and we pretend to be the girl next door,

We drink a lot then smoke some pot, and grovel on the floor.


I have a boy friend, he is cute, blue eyes and curly hair,

I`ve only kissed him on his lips and never… you know where!

We sit in my Moms rockery, among the plants and flowers,

And gaze into each others eyes, for hours and hours and hours.


I have a Granny who is sweet I have a Grandpa too,

I have an awful lot of fun when visiting the zoo.

I love the chocolate milk shake that they buy me when we`re there,

I also like the extra straw he gets so we can share.


I have a bed with a duvet, some slippers and a clock,

I have a cupboard full of clothes, a stick of Brighton rock.

I have a nasty pain as well, its deep down in my tummy,

Candy floss is a dead loss, on top of bread and honey.


I have to say a prayer each night, before I close my eyes,

I ask the Lord forgiveness, for all those naughty lies.

I know that He can understand, how hard it is for me,

To really, really truly be… the girl I want to be.



Geoffrey Kennell (c)

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