I never said good-bye...

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This loneliness since she passed away sometimes gets me...

Submitted: September 02, 2012

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Submitted: September 02, 2012



I didn`t say good-bye….



Life has lost all meaning

Since God called you away,

And I just go through the motions

Of living through the day.

My tears are always hiding

Behind my happy face,

And I`m drowning in my sorrow

At a very rapid pace.


I wake up every morning

To a cold and empty bed,

And the ugly thought of suicide

Keeps running through my head.

Dear God, please come and rescue me,

This shadow of a man

Who`s life hangs in the balance

Through Your cryptic cruel plan.


Did you wish on me this loneliness

This time of bleak despair,

As I sit up at my table

And I see an empty chair.

My tears wet through my napkin

And I push my plate away,

My appetite has long since gone,
So I`ll try another day.

They say “Hope springs eternal,”

And my hopes were running high,

As I fed your wasted body

And I prayed you wouldn`d die.

The phone call came that morning,

And the time was half past three

The Sister at the Hospital

Sadly gave the news to me.


Since then I count the seconds

Minutes, hours… the four long years

That I have lived without your love

And I`ve cried a sea of tears.

Like a blade that’s stuck in this old heart

I never thought you`d die,

Oh dearest love….I`m sorry

I never got to say good-bye……


Geoffrey Kennell©

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