Mpumalanga, Land of promise.....

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I intended this poem,Mpumalanga, to become an anthem for our Province,I even read it to a crowd of dignatories in our local no avail....Ah well.

Submitted: December 10, 2011

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Submitted: December 10, 2011






Land of mountains, sparkling waters,

Fertile plains and azure sky,

We the people, Sons and Daughters,

Love thee ever `til we die.


Let the Nation hear our promise,

Ever shall we bow to thee,

Drink the spirit from your chalice

Sing the song of unity.


Deep within this mighty Province,

Lies a vision, wise and clear,

Lead us to an understanding,

Free from hatred, free from fear.


We shall tend this land of promise,

We shall toil and nurture thee,

Blessed earth, so full of goodness,

Feed us `til eternity.


Land of martyrs, untold hero`s,

We salute you every one,

Let your voices never weaken,

Now the battle`s fought and won.


Hear us Lord in our devotion,

Knees pressed in this precious sod,

Giving thanks for this our Province,

By your hand, Almighty God.


Chorus.Mpumalanga, Mpumalanga,

Night is over see the rising sun,

Mpumalanga, Mpumalanga,

Wealth, health, and happiness for everyone!



Geoffrey Kennell (c)





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