Ode to a Toad.

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When these creatures invade your garden, you`ve got big

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011



Ode....to a Toad.



I`ve had my fill of dogs and cats, that yap and meeouw at night,

But  now  I  have a greater curse, I beg  you,  hear  my  plight.

My eyes are swollen with no sleep, they`ve moved to my abode,

The creature I`m referring to, is called the garden toad!


Ah yes dear friends, I see you smile, you think that its a joke,

I wish that you could share my bed, and listen to that croak.

Not only that, I wish to add, that toad has got a lover,

From half past ten `til four or so, they serenade each other.


Of course I`ve ventured out at night, and stood by my front porch,

Armed with a damned great carving knife and a twenty Kilowatt torch.

Those creatures have got radar, of that I am quite sure,

The croaking always stops you see, as I`m opening the door.


I stand and wait and listen, at the pond beside the pool,

I know that`s where they live you see, don`t take me for a fool.

My heart is thumping in my chest, my adrenalins runnin` high,

All alert in my sleepin` shirt, `cos someone`s gotta die!'


I take a small step forward friends, not knowing my mistake,

For I don`t see what`s laying there, its called a garden rake!

The mass of my frail body, bears on this simple tool,

A searing pain shoots through my foot, I end up in the pool!


I`m cold and wet and angry, and I  damned near had a stroke,

That curse`d toad had got the gall to give another croak.

I whirled around to face him, wherever he might be,

Alas my torch was in the pool, and I simply could not see.


One thing is really certain friends, I`ll not give up the fight

To stop these creatures croaking through-out the dead of night,

So if there`s some-one out there, who`s trod this weary road,

Please write and tell me what to do about this  ruddy toad!




Geoffrey Kennell. ©



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