Revitalizing our Devotion

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Getting back home from Church today, I was purturbed by
the lack of kids in the are my thoughts

Submitted: January 01, 2012

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Submitted: January 01, 2012



Revitalizing our Devotion.


In this modern life I fear

Young Christians shudder when they hear

The mournful tones an organ makes,

Indeed it gives most kids `the shakes’.

How then can we serve the pews,

When telling of our real Good News.


It really is a funny thing

Each time we all stand up and sing

The modern kids shake at the knees

As fingers touch those ivory keys

And organ tones begin to blare

As if the sound pollutes the air.


The modern kids show consternation

Plus a spot of constipation

Covering their ears with each hand

And wishing for a mod pop band.

Ah yes my thoughts were ever thus,

That’s why I`m making all this fuss.


Can we then set up a notion

Revitalizing our Devotion.

And with reverence write some hymns

Fit to glorify our King of kings

But using quite a modern beat

So kids will really feel `the heat’.


You see dear friends, and come what may

All of us must pass away.

And I am making all this fuss

In getting kids to replace us……….

Otherwise, and  I feel like crying,

You`ll find our church is slowly dying.


Geoffrey Kennell©





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