Soft dreams of a lonely soul...

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A daydream...

Submitted: April 06, 2013

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Submitted: April 06, 2013



Soft dreams of a lonely soul.


I close my eyes…what do I see

Locked in my minds eye, in front of me.

A red brick house,  a roof of slate,

Geraniums round a garden gate.

A Mom a Dad, a sister Joan,

A pair of wires…a telephone.


A dog a cat, a tame white rat,

A cushion warm..where Mom had sat.

A window and linoleum floor,

A pathway leading to next door.

A grey old lady… Auntie Kate,

Who always let me stay up late.


A crackling fire burning in the hearth,

The shivers when I took a bath,

A feather bed, white sheets so cool

Skinny dipping in a pool.

A girl with freckles on her face

A soft white petticoat made of lace.


A summer day on my Dads farm,

A horse and cart, a strong brown arm,

Lifts me aloft…it made my day,

To travel atop a load of hay.

The burning sunshine turns to night

Gods in His Heaven…all is right.


Then all I see is turned to gloom

And standing there in our front room.

I smell the scent of flowers…rare

Bedecking my Dads coffin, standing there.

Mom and sister weep and weep

And tell me “Daddy`s gone to sleep.”


Coming back from out my trance,

Did that dream come…just by chance?

A tear slides deftly from my eye,

“Dear Lord, why did Daddy have to die?”

All this I remember…just my fate?

And all before the age of eight.


Geoffrey Kennell©




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