The ant and I....

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Have you ever had feelings for our fellow friends..the ants?

Submitted: December 10, 2011

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Submitted: December 10, 2011



The ant and I…..



This  morning in the garden

Whilst watering a plant,

I stumbled on the rockery

And killed a tiny ant.


Of course I said “I`m sorry,”

As he gasped a final breath.

`Tis then I felt responsible

For this small insects death.


You may think that I`m stupid…

Yet in a kind of way,

The smallest of God`s creatures

Deserve to have their day.


Somewhere `neath my garden

There`s a colony or two.

Of these industrious fellows

Living breathing dying…just like you.


Did he have a family,

A wife perhaps....some kids?

All waiting for their Daddy

To come home and settle in their midst.


Who knows about their feelings

Or if they do converse?

We know they have intelligence

And sometimes… they`re a curse.


To me it`s thought provoking,

And its time to make amends

What God has made is sacred

That ant and I were friends.



Geoffrey Kennell ©




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