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This is how it really is.....

Submitted: January 15, 2012

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Submitted: January 15, 2012





There`s a lot to be said for the writer,

Who battles alone in his room,

Attempting to write a best seller,

Ignoring the Prophets of Doom


You may have the best of computers

With a Thesaurus and word-spell thrown in,

Don`t kid yourself they`re going to help you

Decide where and when to begin.


They say that those first words are crucial,

To help keep the reader awake,

So you plod on awhile, using plenty of style,

Forgetting the errors you make.


Yes the i`s before e`s are essential,

For a book to become a success.

Some half witted clown will be turning you down,

For a comma, a full-stop...or less!


When your manuscripts looking all rosy,

With a flourish, you`ve added your name

It isn`t the end of the story my friend,

It`s the start of the publishing game.


If you`re lucky those Post Office chappies,

Will handle your parcel with care,

For a few months or will go to and fro`,

Ending up in a place...God knows where!


That manuscript so full of promise,

Arrives at the Editor `elite',

He`ll unpack your tome, and carry it home,

Then use it for resting his feet.


Perchance... if you`re lucky they`ll read it,

Some starchy old spinster, or worse.

Will unpick your plot, and as likely as not

Get the whole ruddy story reversed.


Ah yes friends I have indeed been there,

And I know that you`ll think it absurd,

Yet there`s never a day, that you`ll find me away

From the magic I a word

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