Women Talk.

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Having studied basic families for the last 87 years, I know what I`m talking about. Here`s the first poem for my family of four series....Woman talk....

Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011



Woman Talk


I haven`t time to stand around, its morning don`t you see,

I`m in the queue outside the loo, and busting for a pee.

The dog has made a puddle on our brand new kitchen floor

And I think I hear our neighbor knocking gently on our door.


Now I`m standing in my bedroom taking out my favorite frock

As Jamie boy, my pride and joy comes looking for his sock,

I tell him go!  How should I know, where his sock would be.

But mothers have that special gift, enabling them to see.


I lay the breakfast table and I make a jug of juice

I tighten up the handle of the kettle that’s come loose.

The cereal box is empty and the milk is almost done,

So I switch to eggs and bacon. Oh boy life...it can be fun.


My darling daughter Mary has got tangles in her hair

The cats brought in a lizard and its wiggling `neath the chair.

I call upstairs to hubby, “Lovey.. get up its getting late.”

And Jamie boy, my pride and joy just dropped his breakfast plate.


So kneeling on the kitchen floor I`m sweeping up the mess,

In comes our golden retriever, we named her Terrible Tess.

She really is quite boisterous, but with luck she`ll sit and beg,

Right now she`s  having breakfast, whats left of bacon and egg.


The phone has started ringing and my Hubby`s still not down,

I answer it with caution, it`s my Mom from out of town,

She wants me to come over as she has a dose of flu,

“All right Ma,”  I tell her, and “Yes I love you too.”


I see my kids are safely settled inside my neighbors car,

As hubby staggers down the stairs, he is my shining star!

He kisses me quite lightly, then slaps me on my rear,

“Good morning little darling. What you got for breakfast dear?”


This is just a normal morning and its only just gone eight,

I finish up the food that’s left on my kids breakfast plate,

Then washing up and making beds, my day it never ends.

And seldom do I take time off and have coffee with my friends.


But let me tell you something, not a single day goes by

That I don`t thank the Lord above, for sending me my guy.

He is my life, he is my love, he is my reason why,

Each precious moment of my life are his until I die.


Geoffrey Kennell©





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