Money doesn't bring Happiness

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Annabelle and her brother Andrew live an easy life, money, love fills their life...Until that day...

Submitted: October 05, 2009

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Submitted: October 05, 2009



The Turner Family was a happy and wealthy family. They lived in a big house in the suburban area of London. The father who was a popular architect managed to give his family a prosperous life. Nobody in the family could complain about missing anything, even love was provided in a large quantity.

  Richard Turner was an architect, he was born in Cambridge but had to move to London to do his studies. There he met Carolina, a tall blond woman who was nice, patient and had humour. She had had a passion for art for years. She used to paint and draw herself, but when her husband suggested she did not have to work , she decided to become the sponsor of new british artists. She organised many vernissages and enjoyed sharing her taste for art with her family and with other people.

This happy couple had two children. At first Edward was born, he was a joyful young man and had been a delicious child. He enjoyed sports and belonged to the polo team of Oxford University. He never fought with anybody. Edward even obtained a grant to study in Oxford, he was the most gifted student of his High School. Edward spent a lot of times with his friends practicing polo and riding the horses his father gave him. They used to do long rides in the forest around. Edward and his father were hunters too, they did hunting-grounds, they had a pack of twelve hunting dogs. Sundays were dedicated to hunting, Carolina hunted a little too, but she was not fond of that activity. When she had to attend a vernissage her choice was quickly made, painting came first.

The second child who was born was Anabelle. Anabelle was a nice girl, very popular at school, a heartbreaker. She was an excellent student, and she started her studies in Cambridge. She also had two passions-she like dancing and singing. She had two particular teachers who came three times a week. Her parents had built a dancing room just for her. Anabelle was a fashion victim, she only wore branded clothes, her favourite designers were Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior , Chanel. Once a month she used to shop in Carnaby street. She knew London streets by heart. She used one credit card at a time, she had four ones, all the money she had on her counts were provided by her parents. She had never worked and just hoped she would never have to. She just took advantage of her situation. She thought she was privileged and lucky.

This family might appear arrogant. They were not at all. They mixed with other people that were not as rich as them. They even avoided to talk about money, they just organised parties were everybody was invited, whether rich or not, whether high placed in society or not. The Turners wanted everybody to share their happiness with them, they were not selfish people. They were just succesful people. Mr and Mrs Turner tried to implant this philsophy to their children, they managed pretty well. Yet, jealousy was still present and not everybody was ready to share with the Turners. The jealousy was a problem for Anabelle and Edward. They were not the one to be blamed for their parents’ wealth. A vicious circle took place, the more people were jealous, the more Anabelle and Edward showed off with their clothes and new high tech cell phones. They found those jealous reactions very stupid and they wanted to mock those people. Yet, they were not mean young people. They had friends. That would be lying to say that some of them were there just to pick up the crubs of wealth left behind by the young people, but some were truthful friends who had been friends with Anabelle and Edward before their parents got a large amount of money.

The Turner’s used to organise a big ball every year. This ball was made for the children who could invite as many people as they wanted. This party was the occasion for everybody to show off in the most beautiful arrays, and nobody would miss it for anything in the world. To Anabelle it was the day when she could wear a unique benchmark designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. He was her favourite designer. A Big buffet was organised around the large swimming pool on that day. The twelve servants of the family were very busy on that special day and everything had to be made perfectly. Mrs Turner would allow no mistakes on that day. The early summer was the perfect time to do that and was the occasion for the Turner’s to provide fun even before the holidays started. The ball of June 2005 was a success just like every year, except for Annabelle who did not see Peter O’Flanny, the guy she was the most fond of in high school. She liked him very much but he had never looked at her. This made her very miserable and that was why she kept on dating as many boys as possible. Anabelle could not find out the reasons for Peter’s ignorance, she thought he already had someone to love or that she was not pretty enough for him, moreover Anabelle was to shy to make the first step in his direction. The night of the ball Anabelle went to bed heavy hearted as she thought that she would see Peter only for three weeks before the holidays would start.

Mr and Mrs Turner went on a trip to St Tropez for about a month leaving their children alone for the last part of their year’s study. Annabelle and her brother had to stay at their school during the week anyway, so that did not change many things to them. After her disappointment at the party Annabelle felt that the weeks were passing in a slow motion and that every day was more painful. Yet, she met Peter many times in the corridors and each time she felt impulses towards him even though she could never cross his gaze. She wanted to talk to him, but her shyness was too strong to allow her to do it. Her feelings for him had intensified for the last couple of months and she had had no boyfriend in the purpose to show Peter that she was free as a bird...This feeling of frustration grabbed Annabelle a few days before she finally decided it was time to take her fate in hands. One morning she managed to catch Peter as he was all alone, she walked to him...

‘ Hello’ she said, her face turning red ‘I’m sorry to disturb you but I would like to talk to you for a second. May I?’ Peter lifted his head and seeing Annabelle he sighed. This first reaction made Annabelle ill at ease but she took a deep breath and waited for him to reply.

‘ Hi, what do you want to ask me?’ he said. He was looking at her , but he did not seem glad nor bored to talk to her. That moment was very important to Annabelle, she was about to tell Peter about her feelings for him. She talked again.

‘ I wanted to know why you didn’t come to the party I have organised last week. You missed something, and we all missed you’she said. ‘and I missed you above all’ thought Annabelle, her heart was swelling with emotion.

‘ I didn’t came to your posh party because I don’t belong to your world miss bourgeoise.’there was a gleam of disdain in his eyes that hurt Annabelle very much. ‘You don’t know what it is to work to make a living. You are just a spoiled brat that get anything you want just in snapping your fingers. I am not like that and your brother is just a moron like all the Oxford blokes.’ He had almost shouted the whole sentence at Annabelle’s face. She did not understand how he could know her brother.

‘How do you know my brother?’ she asked.

‘Your brother is the captain of the polo team in Oxford and I am the one in Cambridge. Your brother is a dumbass, and snooty. He thinks himself superior to anyone but he is not! Tell him that for me!’ he retorted before leaving Annabelle stunned. She was hurt too. Peter had been so rude, and so hurtful she did not deserve all he said. Edward was a nice guy but he prevented her from being with the guy she loved.

The pain Annabelle was feeling at that moment would soon become worse and of a different nature. Yet, at that time Annabelle could not think of anything but her first missed encounter with Peter. Her hopes were ruined, she was a loser and a stuck-up. Those thoughts brought more tears to her eyes. The following week of course, Annabelle avoided Peter as much as possible, as now he started to look at her but with a stronger scornful look. Annabelle’s holidays were spoiled before actually starting...


Annabelle satrted her holidays decided not to think about Peter. Of course her goal failed as she refused to go out with her friends being mortified by the situation. Edward had gone to Ireland fot two weeks and Annabelle had not the opportunity to talk about Peter to her brother. One afternoon Annabelle decided to go for a ride with her horse, the afternoon was shiny and a light breeze was caressing her cheeks, she had not felt so well for a couple of weeks. During this ride she managed to empty her mind from any kind of sorrow, her life appeared clear and beautiful to her again.

When she arrived at home she had a shower and a nap in the hammock that was hanged between two gicantic oak trees. She dreamt of ... Peter kissing her... a ring was heard and it finally awoke her. She replied her cell phone and heard a voice that had a strong french accent.

“Hello, are you miss Turner?” said the voice.

‘ Indeed, I am ‘replied Annabelle a bit surprised bu the unknown voice ‘what can I do to help you?’ she went on.

The voice hesitated a few minutes before retorting ‘ Mr and Mrs Turner had an accident, their boat crashed on rocks and they had to be taken to the hospital, their case is serious...’ Annabelle was speechless, the news sounded unreal. She could not believe that, it can’t have happened not to her parents.She recollected her thoughts and said

‘hum... no offence but are you sure about the information? They called me yesterday and everything was fine, they were to come back home in two days!’ Annabelle hardly managed not to cry.

‘ I am sorry miss but the Turners I have are Richard and Carolina, living in London. They went down at The Richelieu Hotel in St Tropez’. Annabelle’s heart sank, the name of the hotel could allow no doubt about the identity of the victims. Annabelle almost fainted, she felt she was about to be sick, but she had to surround her pain and call Edward it was an emergency.

She managed to join Edward four hours after the Frenchman had called her. Those four hours were hellish to Annabelle who had to announce the news to the staff of servants who immediately expressed their grief with a flood of tears: that did not ease the situation for Annabelle. When Edward heard the news he stopped talking and hanged up immediately, he packed and took the first vacant plane he could get before the end of the day. They took a plane to St tropez the next morning in order to see their parents. The vision of their parents was awful. Carolina Turner was disfigured, she had fallen on the sharp rocks, a whiplash led her to unconsciousness, she had dived into a deep coma. Richard Turner had had his leg hit by the boat itself, therefore it had to be cut off. He was unconscious too. The state where Mr and Mrs turner were left did not enable them to be sent back to London, at least at that time. Annabelle and Edward decided to stay there as long as they had to.


June 2007. Annabelle was about to leave the flat she had been living in with Edward for eighteen months now. Their lives had completely changed since their parents’ accident. They no longer studied at Oxford and Cambridge but had to start working. Annabelle had found a job in a Chanel boutique, she, now could only look at the arrays without being able to buy a single one. Edward, he had found a job in a banque.Their parent’s houses had been sold and the whole staff of maids had been dismissed as the children could not maintain the house without any money, indeed the clauses made by the parents did not allow the children to have access to the parents’counts so they had to sell the house and move out. They found a small flat where each could hardly get some vital space. The wages the children were making enabled them to pay the rents and to feed themselves. Nothing more, nothing less... All their friends have fled from them as if they were affected by some deathly disease. Annabelle had stopped thinking of Peter since her parents’ accident, she had weightier matters in mind. Then , she knew she only had herself to count upon and she did not want to be pitied by anyone, above all not by Peter. He, would not even pity her he would tell her that it was a good revenge of life upon her. She was about twenty and realised that money did not matter so much. The only reason that made her unhappy was the health of her parents. Carolina was still in a deep coma and had been rapatriated to a specialised hospital in London. Richard was affected by amnesia and could not recognise his own children. This situation was hurtful for both the children who were at a loss without their parents.

Edward was downhearted by all this situation but when he got a promotion in the bank he worked in he was really glad and knew he had not spoiled his chances. This accident brought the end of an era for Edward and Annabelle but it also taught them a lesson. They could be happy without as much money as they had grown up with. They were proud of themselves but lacked their parents’ pride upon them. They accepted their social situation better than their familial one, they couldn’t stand their parents had been deprived of further happiness. Yet, the first months of ‘poverty’ were hard for them to stand. They could buy nothing, the parties, night clubbings and other nights passed in drinking champagne all night were over. At first they were a bit bitter at their parents for the situation they were left in, Annabelle had lost her status of most popular girl at Cambridge, she had been labelled the status of ‘poor’ which was the worst insult that a girl could receive in Cambridge. At first they were a bit ashamed too, to have to work. It was not how they had been grown up, they thought they would always be prevented of such a shame, but life decided it differently. Annabelle had to wear the arrays that was fashionable the years before as she could not afford to buy the new collections, it was an insult to her reputation. Yet, step by step she realised that what she missed the most was not her reputation but the love of her parents, and if money was missing it was to feed her and Edward and not to buy clothes or make-up. This revelation pushed her to be brave and to whipp her shame to find a job. She hoped her parents would be proud, at least she had to be proud of her and Edward for them.


September 2007. Annabelle was proudly handing her cheque signed by her own hand. This cheque would enable her to resume her studies at Cambridge. She had worked two years to gather enough money to resume and end her studies. On her way to the park of the university she bumped into someone, she lifted her head to recognise the so- loved face of Peter O’Flanny. She gasped unable to speak a word. He looked at her but did not look scornful neither angry to see her.

He told her ‘ I knew for your parents , I am very sorry for you and Edward, you didn’t deserve such a misery’. He smiled a little.She blushed hearing such sweet words.

‘ Thank you Peter, it is not always easy but we do quite well Edward and I’ she said with a glimpse of pride and gratefulness in her eyes.

‘What are you doing here?’ Peter asked ‘Did you come to erase your matriculation from the university?’.

Annabelle looked surpsised at this question. Yet, she replied.35

‘ You’re all wrong, I have come to reregister myself at uni. I would like to finish my studies’ she said simply.36

‘Ah, I understand, you got some money from your parents’ accident and now, poor spoiled brat you come back’ he said with a sarcastic laugh.37

‘You’re a moron my poor Peter, I thought you had a heart but you have none’ she said with tears rolling on her cheeks, his remark was like a dagger in her heart ‘if I come to study again it is with the money I have earned, working... Oh , I know what you think, “how come she had worked, she is good at nothing but filing her nails” but I am not!’she was all red from anger.38

Peter found himself stupid, he mumbled a ‘forgive me Annabelle, I didn’t want to hurt you. You’re right I’m a dumbass, but I can’t help it.39

He handed her a handkerchief and took her in his arms. While she was crying on his shoulder he was stroking her hair. He suddenly realised that the girl whom he considered as a snot-nosed was in fact a sweet girl and that she was as courageous as himself. This revelation troubled him but it appeared quite warming and agreable. He had no intention to release Annabelle from his arms...

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