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kids are to young they need love not hatered

Submitted: February 11, 2007

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Submitted: February 11, 2007



Chained to the wall no where to go

shes chained so tight she cant move

afraid to cry to utter a word

shes not alone there are other

little girls here all to scared all chained

he can hear them every movment

every sound.

as he takes one child she beggs for her life

useless she tries to run one hand hes got her by the throat

he beat her senseless she cries out but all who hear are others like her

as time goes by they know whats going to happen then

she screams so loud yet not a soul can here

her lifes gone she hadnt a chance for she was only but a child

she now lays in the earth afraid no more the pain she had is gone the tears that flowed

are gone for now shes in a place where there is no pain no sorrow but

warmth and kindness is all she sees now.


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