Cursed Beauty

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Twisted fairy tale, but on Beauty and The Beast. Character death, so be warned.

Submitted: July 09, 2012

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Submitted: July 09, 2012



"Beauty! Beauty!" A voice called throughout the small house.
Belle, or known as Beauty by her friends and family, slowly stood up, sighing. Carefully, she placed her book down on her bed and slowly made her way over to the door. She left her room and walked down the hallway, trying her hardest not to look in the mirror that hung on the wall. With no such luck, she glanced in the mirror. Staring back at her was no beauty. Instead, it was a gruesome sight. Her eyes seemed to bulge out of her head and her nose was crooked as if it were broken. Scars covered her face, making it hard to cover them. Her lips were very chapped and grotesque looking.
She shook her head, tangled hair flying everywhere. A few strands hitting her in the face, making her frown. Sighing, she continued to make her way to her father's voice, trying to figure out why people called her Beauty. She looked down when she reached the living room and waited for her father to start speaking. Snickers started to feel the room, justifying what she feared most. Her sisters were in the same room and already making fun of her.
Slowly, she looked up and her eyes instantly landed on the visitor. A cry of surprise escaped her mouth as she looked back down. Laughter enveloped the room and a few stray tears tumbled down her cheeks. Her sisters started laughing harder and their father shooed them out of the room, along with the laughter. Sighing, her father made his way over to Beauty and place a hand on her shoulder.
"Her name is Belle, but we call her Beauty." He started to say, but was interrupted by the visitor scoffing.
"Beauty?! I saw her face! Nothing about it represents beauty! But she will do...All she'll be doing is cleaning my home." The visitor exclaimed.
Beauty's father nodded and turned to look at her. "You hear him, daughter?" He asked softly.
She gave a small nod of her head, biting her lip.
"Good. Now go pack your things." He told her.


Beauty slowly swept the leaves and dirt off the steps, sighing. Her new life has been hard. She rarely saw her Master and on top of that, the furniture was alive. Everything had a haunted look about it and she'd always look over her shoulders to make sure nothing or no one was following her. Sometimes, she'd swear she'd see a shadow following her or moving around. Once, she was in the library reading a book and a different book fell off one of the shelves. When she went to investigate, the book was open up to a page with a picture of a fairy showing on the floor. She bent down to pick it up, when the sound of another book hitting the floor sounded. She let out a small scream and ran out of the library, her heart beating furiously. It was like something was trying to scare her way and have her go back to her old home.
Shaking her head, she cleared her mind of thoughts and rested the broom against the steps. Then, she slowly walked around and made her way over to a pine tree. Ever since she came, that tree seemed to of become her sanctuary. She'd always end up there whether she was upset, bored, scared, or anything. Carefully, she leaned against the tree and looked up at the leaves. They seemed to be dancing in the wind and it'd always get her attention. It made her smile.
Without noticing, she started to sing a random song under her breath, steadily getting louder and loud with each passing second. Pulled from her thoughts and singing, the sound of a breaking branch echoed around her. She yelped out of surprise and scanned the area around her. Her eyes fell on her Master, the Prince of the castle. A look of fear seemed to cross his eyes and he took a slow step back.
Quickly, Beauty straighten herself and dusted herself off, frowning. "Uh...Sir! What are you doing out here?"
"I heard singing and wanted to see who it was..." He replied.
She bit her lip, nodding. "Well it was me. Sorry if I disturbed whatever it is you were doing."
Quickly, he shook his head and made his way over to her. "No! It's okay...I wasn't doing anything. Just taking a walk."
"Oh...Okay." She mumbled, looking at the ground.
"Beauty...Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?" He asked softly.
She looked up at him in surprise and nodded. "I'd love to...!"
He smiled. "I'll see you there at eight."


Beauty dusted off the gown the Prince, her Master, gave her earlier that day for the dinner. Sighing, she looked in the mirror and frowned at her reflection. She looked different in an odd way, but couldn't figure out what. Her lips weren't as chapped as they used to be. Her eyes didn't seem to bulge out of her head anymore. The scars seemed to be less visible. Her nose wasn't as crooked. It was odd, like looking at a familiar stranger. She noticed the changes, but still thought she looked the same.
Pulling her eyes away from the mirror, she made her way to the door. Carefully, she gripped the door knob and turned it. It opened with little to no sound and she walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. Quietly, she made her way down the steps and into the dining hall. In the center of the room, a huge table sat covered in different types of food. At one end, the Prince was siting, leaving the other end closer to her empty. Slowly, she made her way over to the chair and took her seat.
The Prince smiled down at her and she smiled back. "Good evening, Beauty." He said.
She nodded. "Good evening, Sir."
After making little small talk, they began to eat in silence, but a comfortable silence. After they finished eating, the Prince stood up and walked over to her. He held his hand out for her to take, smiling. Carefully, she took the hand in her own and stood up, pushing the chair backwards. He led her off to the side of the table, while music began.
"Care to dance?" He asked.
She bit her lip and nodded. "I'd love too."
After dancing the night away, he bent down and tried to peck her lips. She pushed him away and shook her head, frowning. Hurt gleamed in his eyes as she turned around and left the room, running up the stairs and into her room. She fell onto her bed and began to sob.


She looked up at the Prince, raising an eyebrow. She began to wonder why he called her to see him. He ran a hand through his hair and studied her face, how much it changed. She didn't resemble the ugly girl that day he first saw her. Now, she resembled her name. She was truly a beauty. He raised a hand and placed it on her cheek.
"Tell me Beauty...Do you ever look in a mirror?" He asked.
She frowned even more and pushed his hand away. "I try not to sir."
He sighed and nodded, making his way over to a small table. Carefully, he picked up a gorgeous mirror and made his way back over to her. He handed her the mirror and she looked in it. A gasp escaped her lips as she stared into it, taking in her new appearance. The scars were gone and her nose was straight. Her eyes didn't bulge out of her head and her lips were perfect. No cracks or anything.
She looked up at him. "This must be a magic mirror!"
He shook his head and bent down to look her in the eyes. "It's not..."
She looked in his eyes and saw her reflection staring back at her. It was the same girl she saw in the mirror. The beauty that once resembled a beast. "It is too..."
He sighed and leaned in. "It's not..." He whispered, and then placed a soft kiss on her lips.
She smirked as his body fell to the floor in a dead heap and let out an evil laugh. She spun in a circle, her arms outstretched. Quickly, she ran out of the room and down the steps repeating the same words. "I'm free! I'm free from that wretched curse once and for all!"

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