Stroke of 12

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Twisted fairy tale.

Submitted: July 09, 2012

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Submitted: July 09, 2012



Cinderella once lived a glamorous life. She had riches untold and many suitors! Everyone wanted to be her friends and no one wanted to be left out. Every night, she had a huge party. Almost everyone was invited, but then her mother died one day. She was sent to exile with her father. They looked and looked for a new home, high in the mountains and low in the fields. One day, they found a small hut where a mother of two lived. The mother said they could live with her and her kids.
One day, the father proclaimed his love to the mother and she for him. The following week, they were married. Both were as joyous as possible, but one day the father was fount day. A knife sticking out of his heart! The step-mom blamed it on Cinderella and made her a slave. She was sent to the basement and made to clean the dust bunnies that hid under the couch. Once, she wore fabulous dresses, but that was no more. All of her jewels and treasures were taken away. She was forced to wear rags and be covered in filth.
She wanted more than anything to go back to her old life and one day, something odd happened. A fairy godmother appeared before her. She was shocked and scared, but the godmother spoke assuring words to her. She told Cinderella that everything would be okay. Cinderella believed her and the godmother promised her something. To make her a princess once again. Cinderella instantly agreed, but the godmother told her not to be hasty. That there was a catch to it. Cinderella would be allowed to go to the Prince's ball, as long as she left before the struck of midnight. If she did not, everything would be what it was. That she would be back to her old self before everyone.
She agreed and was instantly the girl dressed in gorgeous gowns once again. She was clean and magnificent. The godmother made a pumpkin into a coach and mice into coachmen. She gave Cinderella one last warning, telling her that everything would turn back to normal at twelve. Cinderella said she understood. She said everything was clear and that she promised to be back before twelve. The godmother nodded and Cinderella got into the coach.
After an hour long ride, Cinderella finally reached the castle at ten. Two hours before the designated time to leave. She got out and all eyes fell onto her. She smiled walked inside the castle. Everyone stared at her, shocked by her beauty. She was the most gorgeous person there. She and everyone else knew it.
Cinderella grinned and walked around. People walked up to her and talked to her. Everyone wanted to be her friend and she didn't deny them the opportunity. It felt good to be the center of attention once again. Hopefully, nothing could stop it. Soon, she felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around to see him, the Prince. She gave him her most dazzling smile and curtsied. He bowed and held his hand out to her.
"May I have this dance?" He asked, his voice as rich as gold.
"Of course, you’re Majesty." She replied and took his hand.
He led her to the center of the dance floor and placed his hands on her waist. Gracefully, she placed her hands on his shoulders and they danced the night away. A stroke sounded throughout the ball room, representing that it was now twelve. She looked at the clock and gasped. It felt like only a few minutes that she and the Prince danced. She pushed him away and rushed past everyone, trying to reach the door. He followed her, confused by her actions.
"Cinderella!" He called. "Cinderella! Wait!"
She shook her head and continued running, but it was too late. The air around her swirled and her fairy godmother appeared. She had a sad look in her eyes and waved her wand. There in the place of the most gorgeous girl they all laid eyes on stood a girl covered in rags and filth. Cinderella shook her head and tears fell down from her eyes.
"Please?!" She begged. "Please Fairy Godmother!"
The fairy godmother shook her head and disappeared. The Prince made his way to her and stopped in his tracks. He let out a gasp and shook his head. This was not the girl he danced with tonight! But something told him it was, that she was the fair maiden he was dancing with earlier. He backed up and looked around.
"Guards! Guards!" He called his voice shaky and unsteady. "Take her away!"
Two guards appeared and grabbed Cinderella by the arms. She let out a horrified scream and tried to push them away. They wouldn't budge and carried her to the dungeons. She shook her head and sobbed. The guards pitted her, but still threw her into the dungeon cell. She shook the bars and screamed for them to come back. They walked up the stairs, going back to the ballroom.


Cinderella stood before the Prince, her head hung low. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. What was he going to do with her? He couldn't allow her to go about her old life, or one as an important figure in society. Then a thought crossed his mind. He looked at her and stood up. She trembled slightly and he walked towards her.
"Cinderella...I am sending you into exile. You may never come to this Kingdom again." He told her.
She looked up at him in shock. "Please?! You can't do this! Not a second time!"
He shook his head and waved his hand, shooing her away. Guards grabbed her arms and dragged her to the exit. They threw her outside and she stumbled forwards. She fell to her hands and knees and cried her moving up and down. Slowly, she picked herself up off the ground and took one last glance at the castle. This would be the last time she saw it, and she knew it a hundred percent. She'd have to leave and make a living elsewhere.

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