The Wolf and Red

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It's another twisted fairy tale. This one involves Red Riding Hood and will have more than one part to it...

Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012



At the age of ten, everyone knew Red was going to be a very sweet and loving person. They always knew she would help anyone and everyone. That's what they loved most about her. She always put others before herself. Even if she had to go through dark, terrifying woods to do a task and that's exactly what she did for her grandmother when she was sick. She'd take a basket full of warm, homemade goods that her mother made and venture into those woods. She wouldn't stop for anything until the basket was safely at her grandmothers. Then she'd skip back to her home, smiling and giggling. ----------------------------------------------- One day, Red was wearing a brightly knitted cloak her grandmother made her in the shade of blood. A ruby red, such a magnificent color. It sometimes reminded her of a beacon, always letting others know when she was near. She had to admit, the cloak wasn't her first pick for the days journey in the woods to her grandmother's, but her mother explained to her how much it would mean to her grandmother if she wore it. So of course, she said yes. It seemed to be the right thing. So there she was, making her way to her grandmother's through the woods as tree branches reached out to her. They pulled at her hair and clothing. They scratched up her face and ripped her cloak in some places. To make matters worse, she felt as if she were being watched. She felt as if that no matter where she went, eyes followed her everywhere. It was such an eerie feeling. One that she couldn't shake, no matter how many turns she took. She wanted to turn back around and run home. The sound of owl sounded from far to her right, making her jump slightly and yelp out in surprise. The wind seemed to stop blowing as her cloak fanned out around her. Something was off. Something seemed very wrong and deadly. She heard a howl and took off in a sprint, trying to get to her grandmother's before whatever is was got ahold of her and ate her. She imagined a wolf three times her side with fangs dripping wet with salvia. She imagined it snarl and pounce on her. She imagined it tearing her apart, limb by limb. A whimper escaped her lips as she continue to imagine it. She could practically feel it's rough, scratchy fur rubbing up on her sides as its tail wrapped around her with terrifying warmth. She continued to see it in front of her, snarling and all fours. It scared her. She shook the image out of her head and started to slow down her pace. She was letting everything get to her head and her imagination was taking a turn for the worst. Everywhere she looked, all she saw was the wolf. No matter how much she cleared her mind, she always saw it. Everywhere. No matter how much she ran away from it, she knew it wouldn't leave her. Out of everything that was scaring her, her imagination was scaring her the most. She stopped when she felt a hot breath on the back of her neck. This, she knew wasn't her imagination. Whatever it was, it was real. Not her imagination, but real. One hundred percent real and not her imagination. She wished it were her imagination. She wished it was just her mind playing tricks on her. She wished it was anything, but real. Carefully and slowly, she turned around. There stood a wolf just like the one she imagined. Just as big, just as furry, just as scary, and just and gruesome looking. She wanted to scream, but no sound came. Everything about this wolf had an evil, sincere feeling to it. The look in its eyes reminded her of one that you would find in a human's. She watched it raise itself onto its hind legs and looked down at her. It pulled its lips back in a growl and seemed to smirk at her. That's when she turned around and ran for her life. Her cloak billowed around her, flapping like crazy. She ignored the tree branches as they slapped her across the face, tearing her skin open. Everything around her seemed to be a blur as she ran faster than she ever had in her life. Somewhere along the way, she dropped the basket. Instantly, she stopped and tried to pick it up, but the sound of nearing footsteps was all around her. She left the basket and started to sprint again. Everything turned to slow motion as she heard the wolf howl behind her. It sounded so close. Way too close for her liking. Her heart was thumping widely in her chest, making her wonder if the wolf could hear it. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. It was loud enough for him to hear it. On top of that, she wondered if it could smell her fear, that's if it could. She had no clue if it was true. The whole saying about a wild animal being able to smell fear, though something told her if she didn't run faster, she would soon find out. The deadly thing was nearing her with each passing second. It didn't matter how fast she ran. The wolf could run faster and he did. Maybe he could get her to release such a blood-curling scream. It would make him even more delighted with the actions he was soon to do. He stifled his hind legs and pounced, landing directly in front of Red. He growled at her and she froze, staring at him in complete and utter horror. \"No! You can't do this to me! Please? My grandmother is terribly I'll and needs me!\" She begged, tears flooding her eyes. The wolf ignored her words and circled her, taking in every detail about her. His eyes scanned the red cloak and he secretly thanked it. If it weren't for the cloak, she would of been safe. She would of had been able to make it to her grandmother's without the wolf threatening to eat her. Red shivered under his intense stare and waited. She knew if she ran, he'd pounce on her and eat her quickly. She also knew if she stayed, he'd still end up eating her. The wolf brushed its nose up against her rib, making her hold in a giggle. It sniffed at her clothes and pawed at her cloak, testing her. He wanted to see if she'd run or stay to take the torture. He howled and went to take its place back in front of her. The howl slowly formed into something mo intelligent, more human like. That's when she quickly understood what it was doing. It was trying to speak the human language and it was working. \"Little girl, cloaked in red. Why do you fear me?\" He asked her. She gulped down the lump in her throat and replied, \"Because I fear dying. I still wish to live.\" He chuckled. \"Why fear something that is inevitable?\" \"I still have a life to live!\" \"My dear child, don't you get it? Your life was mine for the taking.\" She stared at it in horror, taking in its words. Did he really just say that? Was she actually having a conversations with a wolf? She must of been crazy! It was just her imagination being more vivid then what it usually is! Of course a wolf can't speak. Why would she of ever had thought it? Everything that happened was just a figment of her imagination. She closed her eyes and counted to ten, praying the wolf would be gone. Her heart thumped louder and louder with each passing second. Slowly, she peaked her eyes open and saw nothing. She sighed in relief and looked around. Nothing was out of the ordinary. Everything was the way it was meant to be. Her imagination was just there, trying to scare her. It worked. \"Little girl, cloaked in red. Why do you think I'm not real?\" A voice asked from behind her. She jumped and spun around to meet the eyes of the wolf. \"You have to be! A wolf can not talk! Nor can they stand on their hind legs! It's impossible!\" The wolf chuckled and shook it's head. \"You have much to learn, young one. Much indeed. Now fully me to your destiny.\" Red watched it walk in a random direction and looked around. She wouldn't follow him. She'd rather of had died, then to follow it. Maybe someone, somewhere was merciful enough to grant her the wish. The wolf couldn't be showing her the way to her destiny. It was just a dream. She just had to pinch herself and she'd wake up. Carefully, she pinched herself on her arm and jumped. It hurt, so it mustn't be a dream. Everything that was happening was real. Red's worst nightmare was turning into a reality. A horrible nightmare where everything went wrong. \"Come child!\" The wolf's voice called back to her. She sighed and followed it.

-Author here. I was going to have Red die in the end, but got a better idea. This one will be a few different parts. Part two will be next, hoped you enjoyed!

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