Weirdo boy meets freaky girl

Script by: witch fang



Just look at the title. It's should be easy to work out. Their both incredibly clueless.


Submitted: November 04, 2008

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Submitted: November 04, 2008



The boy is pretty and small. He has white skin and jet black hair, saphire blue eyes. He's not tall but he is remarkably strong for his build. The boy walks slowly into the room and is unpleasantly suprised by what he sees. Girl.Girl is the exact opposite of boy. Tall, athletic with brown hair, brown skin and brown eyes. She slouches in her chair, her legs hanging off her desk, a copy of the weekly "inquisitor"in her hands. THe title reads, "Are we alone? NO! WE ARE NOT!"And for some reason, BOy is utterly repelled by her. Girl, looks up and you can see it in her eyes. She feels the same way. This is their first moment. This meeting will set the tone for their relationship forever and it's all ready been decided. If you can fall in love you can fall in any thing. That applies to hate too, right? Boy sneers and girl rolls er eyes. From this moment they are naturally repeled by each other.

Boy: I just hate her okay! I dont know why!

Friend to boy: But you hardly even speak!

Boy: And? You and your dad never speak but you still hate him.

Friend to boy stops walking and glares at Boy.

Boy: Sorry.

Friend to boy: It's okay. But really. She's cool when you get to know her.

Boy rolls eyes and knows he will never win.

Boy: It's just when I see her-

Friend to boy: Yes?

Boy: My chest starts hurting and I feel light headed. I start to sweat andI cant breathe properly .She's like the plague, man! The fucking plague!

Friend to boy rolls eyes and thinks, "He cant really be THAt clueless, can he?

Friend 1: So........who do you think is the hottest in the class?

Friend 2: That guy! You know- starts snapping her fingers- that Boys friend! What's his name?

Friend 1: I dont know. Hey! What do you think about- whispers- you know who?

Friend 2: Who?

Friend 1: You know- points at girls back - That boy

Friend 2: Oh, him! The one Girl said we shouldn't talk about! YOu know, cause she really really-

Girl: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO TALKING ABOUT?!Girl glares viscously at her two untrustworthy friends.

Friend 1 and 2 together: NOthing! Look at each other and laugh

Girl: You know I cant stand that guy! He's so arrogant! He treats me like a disease! He's the alien!

Friend 2: Aliens? You still havn't gotten over that?

Girl: Of course not! He is an alien! HOw else could he manipulate my heart in such a way?

Friend 1 and Friend 2 look at each other. Yes she's a stupid mate, but she's our stupid mate.

Girl: I'm telling you! He''s a spy. A spy,I say! A spy from the rings of saturn, here tocapture young girls innocent hearts! But I will resist! I wrefuse to be captured by ALIEN SCUM!

BOy and girl see each other and allmost run at the sigth of each other. Girl feels the strange urge to hug him and hold her fingers in a make shift daimond. By the power of Gray skull I command thee, fowl alien. Undo your spell! Boy see's girl and all most runs to her. He begins to feel woozy again, a side effect of a disease he's labeled intense hate!His heart beats faster and he feels faint.

Bully hits boy out of the way. Boy falls and hits his head.l He is un conscios.

Friend to boy: HElp! SOme one!

Girl feels sad for some reason. She wants to help Boy, "BUt it's probably just a side effect from the spell he's put on me. Alien! HE's an alien!" she tells her self. Friend to boy leaves to chase down bully while Girls friend scurry away to find a teacher. GIrl is worried for boy. Hesitantly, she picks him up off the ground and begins to walk to the nurses office. "If he wakes up," She thought, "I'll drop him and go. Before he can seduce me with his fiendish alien powers"

Nurse: Oh dear. Is he allright?

Girl: Yes. He needs rest.

Nurse: Oh well, you're a very strong girl to have carried him all this way. You must really care about him.

HIM! He's an alien! Why would I?

Nurse: I suppose you'd like to stay? Very well- nurse said with out asking- I'll write you a note.

Nurse leaves the room and Girl sits down on the stool furtherest from the boy. She nods off to sleep.

Boy: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Girl wakes up and finds herself lying next to boy. She rolls off the bed and starts screaming. Nurse enters to find both Boy and Girl creasming. She's not suprised.

Nurse: Sorry. YOu fell asleep and lookjed uncomfortable so I moved you.

Girl: I-I-I

Boy: She could have killed me!

Girl: Me? YOu're the alien!

Boy: ALien! You're the one with the disease!" Nurse leaves quitely.

Girl: What are you trying to say? YOu saying I'm dirty?

Boy: NO! It's just every time I see you

Girl:-my head gets foggy and my heart

Boy:- starts racing and I cant

Girl:_ Breath proplerly. And some times I'll have these-

Boy: Weird fantasies and I feel really-

Girl: Selfconscios. So that means youre a-


Nurse walks in with lollipops

Nurse: Sounds to me you've both been bitten by the love bug.

That day, clueless Boy and Clueless girl went out shopping together. ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................

...........................................................................................................................And brought two cans of fly spray and three sticksof insect repellant. This just shows how clueless people are. Wake up , people! And see who loves you!

© Copyright 2016 witch fang. All rights reserved.

Weirdo boy meets freaky girl Weirdo boy meets freaky girl

Status: Finished

Genre: Other



Status: Finished

Genre: Other




Just look at the title. It's should be easy to work out. Their both incredibly clueless.

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