Learning about your limitations

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Thoughts about restrictions of one's abilities.

Submitted: August 02, 2012

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Submitted: August 02, 2012



People usually have very restricted minds. By this I mean that they are restricted by their own characters and their own habits. Most of the people seek success in their lives. However, most of them fail to do so. They blame this for being unlucky or not having enough opportunities. But it is not the case.

The time and restriction to education is always an issue that most of the people blame. However, looking at the lives and the time of some successful people it can turn out to be not the case. For example, you are 20 years old in a shitty university with parents earning just 30 000 dollars a year and you are not satisfied with your life. You would say that nothing can change, that you are too old to be able to become successful and the fact that you released you realized your mistakes so late in your life would make you think that nothing can be changed. This leads to an even deeper depression and brings your chances of achieving what you want to zero. The problem is that it is never late to begin, unless you almost retire. The obstacles are the negative habits that you acquired in your life. Taking Zuckerberg or many other young and successful business people that became milliners in their early twenties, it is never late to start. If you are twenty years old and say you want to start everything from the beginning the only thing you have to change are your habits. Coming back to the twenty years old loser in a shitty university; if the decision to change your life comes to you at this, quite an early stage, in the time that it took the youngest milliner to become successful, let’s say 30 years from the time of his birth, in your 50s you can also become like him. Moreover, you have an advantage. Most of the people learn how to speak when they are three, if you start your life from the beginning you already have some useful knowledge that you can use. The only problem is that you are too much preoccupied with the beliefs you already hold. The only difference that a shitty and a failed 20 years old student and an infant future millionaire have is the fact that a new born baby is an empty box that will be filled with useful knowledge. The 20 years old student’s box on the other hand is filled with many shitty stories that have no relevance to his aim of becoming successful. Therefore, it can be concluded that one of the most important things in life is to keep your mind free and never be preoccupied with stereotypes about a person.

Taking another example: let’s say there is a student in a certain school who has no popularity among his mates. His ideas are being ignored and not considered. You, on the other hand, are a person who wants to become successful. Your options are, to ignore the student just like everyone else does, or to listen to what he says. If at some point in time the ignored student says something actually smart and useful he/she will be ignored. However, it is up to you whether to follow all the rest or to consider the words that even such unpopular people say. Moreover, by listening to him/her you will not lose anything. I am not saying you have to support the idea of that unpopular kid as it might as well affect your position in the society, which is not the best thing to do as you are part of it. What you can do, is not to defend him, but neither to ignore. Listening to what that person says and thinking about it might give you many advantages. If the idea is great, but people ignore it because of the stereotypical character of that person, you might as well just note it down and remember, and in some other point in time use that idea for your own benefit. This example, again, supports the idea of free thinking and not sticking to the general perceptions. Think about it- people used to believe that the world is flat; some of the people that were saying that it is round were ignored because they were stupid enough to base their statement on no evidence. On the other hand, Copernicus realized that it is actually true, and he is famous now, because he was smart enough to ignore what other people said and by finding evidence he is considered to be important even now and the stupid people that didn’t have evidence were ignored. This leads to another point, don’t have a prof or evidence don’t shout everything out by trying to say that you are smart and the others are stupid.

The thing is that people do not like to be called stupid, even if it is the case. The best option for you is to prove them that you are right. In this way, they will think that you are smart. A stupid person on the other hand, will try to prove that people are stupid, because he thinks he is very smart, which is another issue you have to be wary of, don’t be arrogant and ignorant.

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