Dancing Flames of Darkness

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In the darness of an empty gymnasium. . .wait maybe the darkness isn't so empty afterall.
Please let me know what you think! :D enjoy

Submitted: March 07, 2013

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Submitted: March 07, 2013



Darkness creeped up the walls of the gymnasium, licking over the polished wooden floor. Whispers filled the emptiness, the silent noise crawling through the empty air. Candlelight sprung to life causing the shadows to wrench back exposing the three cloaked figures sitting in the center of the room. The steady glow revealing only thick red lips and the dark shadows that their hoods cast concealing their gorgeous faces. The robes clung to every dip and curve of their very feminine bodies.

In unison they bent their heads, long hair cascading down out of the depths of their hoods, and began to chant. Their harsh words lashing out in the darkness, whipping around as the candles flame began to flicker sending the room into a spasm of flashing light. Lips moved in choppy unison as their chanting ascended filling the room was a screaming hum of power.

“Stop!” The voice long lingered after the chanting resided and even the candles dancing flame held its breath. The tallest of the three straightened spreading her cloaked arms open, her sharp blood red manicured fingernails skimming her companions knees. “They are here.” She whispered. And no sooner than the words slip off her tongue when a screaming screech like jagged fingernails running down chalkboard assaulted the silent gym and the candle erupted into its constant strobing  frenzy.


The three figures sat motionless, breathing evenly, hearts murmuring in the silence that radiated from the darkness that swallowed them whole before the candle sent it skittering away in a quick disorienting flash. Dark, light, dark, light, three girls, dark again, light again, and now only two girls. A shrill shriek rebounded off the walls and the squeal of bare feet on polished wood as she was forcefully dragged out into the flashing darkness.


The eerie silence descended once again. Dark, light, dark, light. The two sat motionless, holding their ground as their eyes probed the disorienting darkness that pooled around them. Dark, light, dark again, light again, dark again and a sickening sound echoes through the flash of darkness, light again and blood is splattered across polished wood and then darkness reclaims the room. Light again and the stream of blood curls around a motionless girl. Dark again, light again, empty eyes stare, dark again, light again, hair pooling around in a golden blood stained halo. Dark again, light again, and white wax is dripping into scarlet red. Dark again, another sound fills the darkness the sound of a body being dragged across silky, wet, floor. Light again and with the light comes the beasts.

Light again and a secret smile curls onto red lips before its dark once more. One more remains listening to the noiseless room. A loud crack followed by blood curdling screams resonates from dark corners. Another crack. Another scream this one fading into a whimper. Dark again, light again, dark again and this time the shadows linger as the flame fights to stay alive. As the candle smoldered and the darkness creeped the blood rolled across the floor and gushed around the last, single, survivor.

It seeped through her robes, heating cold skin, and she dipped her finger in it bringing it back to her dripping in gore. Dark again, light again. She brought her fingers to her lips lightly touching her bottom lip and that was when the hot heavy breath wisked around her. It crawled down her neck as a deep heavy growl assaulted her ears and the candle regained its flashing fury. Dark again, light again, and now she stands facing the darkness her back to the candle that sputters and dies only to spring back to life once again. Spiraling darkness, disorienting light, dark again, light again and sharp dagger like claws creep around her neck. Dark again.

A whisper of death and a flutter of robes.

Light again.

A gleaming dagger glints and shimmers.

Dark again, light again.

The dagger rests at the creatures throat and claws enfold  her own blood dripping from both. Dark again, light again, blood dripping from the creatures cheek and some trickle from her neck and flow down into the recesses of her robes. Dark again, light again, she leans over the dagger, claws sinking into skin, flicking out her tongue she catches the drops if fake blood that fall from his cheek before it fell to the already drenched floor. Dark again, light again, she is running her tongue up the rest of his bloodied cheek, dark again, light again, and claws pull her body closer despite the prop knife at his throat, and releases her neck pushing back her hood.

Dark again, light again, dark curls tumble down her back and cold green eyes meet his. Dark again, light again and fake claws skitter to the floor followed by the dagger, dark again, light again, her head is titled back dark hair curling around her spine as his tongue devoured her skin.

“It’s about time.” She murmured as he licks the fake gore from her bottom lips. A low moan leaks from his lips and they sink to the slippery ground joining the others somewhere else in the dark trendils of blackness making love to their own dark creatures of “dark magic”.

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