Six Orbs: Heart of Stone

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Ivy is a young half dragon, whose brother fell ill. Before her brother was kidnapped by a Giant named spar, Elder Keth asked her to go on a journey to warn all the other Elder Dragons of an evil threat.

She takes along some friends from her past and also some new ones. Along the way she learns about where her brother may be at, but she must keep on the trail to Winter thorn. She will be given the most strongest power to stop this darkness from rising once she meets each dragon.

A dragon slayer named Ren was ordered by a creature named Valpar to kill any who stand in his way of world chaos. Vlapar believes Dragons are a threat to the world so he plans on stealing all six Dragon Orbs from the six Elder Dragons to kill off the dragon race and even take over the World.

Will Ivy and her friends find their way to Winter Thorn and warn Elder Snowy or will they lose to the force that is working against them?

Book 1 of the SixOrbs serices!!! The story is completed and consist of 32 chapters

Table of Contents


Kidnapped! Ivy started to get angry because the Serpent kept dodging her water attacks. The water left her hands and in return, wind ... Read Chapter

Stay Another Day

Stay another day Ivy stared out the window at the falling rain that seemed like tears falling from the eyes of a broken heart. Craft ... Read Chapter

In The Court!

Court! That next day would be the last day Ivy, Cloe, and Craft would see the Palace for a while since they were going to travel acro... Read Chapter

Lost in the Mist!

Lost In The Mist Ivy headed down into Elder Keth's chambers that night before getting ready to leave. she did this every few day... Read Chapter


White Wolf Ivy was walking down the now clear forest for about an hour. Everyone had split up to try and find away outside of the for... Read Chapter

messed up Dream

A Messed up Dream A/N: Hello again! Chapter Seven is finally here! Seven is my favorite number, so I hope this chapter is great, but ... Read Chapter

Found Them

Reunited Castiel fell to him knees and he had his hands over his face. Tears ran down his cheeks as he removed his hands from his the... Read Chapter

Scary Inn

Scary Inn "Hey look!" Craft cheered from up on top of Kenta's head. "What?" Ivy asked before she saw the houses up ahead. "Castiel wa... Read Chapter


Chained It's wet? Why is it wet?Ivy's eye sight slowly came back to her. It was raining again and Ivy hated it. She was sick of it. I... Read Chapter

Ren VS Ivy

The Dragon Slayer Ivy and Craft made it to the last covern in the huge cave. The cavern had Castiel, Cloe, and Ren in it. Castiel sat... Read Chapter

Remember Nichole lunged at Jesse, trying to knock him to the ground, so that she could keep him from biting her, But Jesse was too fa... Read Chapter

The nice Inn

Daisy's Inn Voilet kept blinking like crazy as a voice kept telling her to stay awake. She felt her head falling over and being pulle... Read Chapter


Jealousy Ivy's eye's opened slowly. Her sight was a blur, but then she could soon make out the surroundings of a forest in the day ti... Read Chapter

"So, we just walk across this thing?" Astor asked as he pointed to a bridge. "Yes." Replied Elizabeth. "Your kidding right?" Nich... Read Chapter

Just a Kiss or just a healing kiss?

Just a Kiss "Castiel where the hell are you!" () "What does the pestering Fairy want now?" Castiel was laying in the sun on the f... Read Chapter

Storm part 1

...Blood... "Why do you keep staring out the cave entrence?" Elizabeth asked the peal white werewolf. Nichole started to growl at som... Read Chapter

Yet another Kidnapping

Yet another kidnapping!!! () "Wake up you three." () "Is it morning already?" Craft asked. () "No it's night time. You sl... Read Chapter

Blood Serpant

Serpents and Dragons All four of the had their backs to the wall as the red stuff hit the cave floor. Astor didn't seem worried about... Read Chapter

True Feelings

Plans, Feelings, and Changes "Ren what is that?" Spar asked. The Giant sat outside Ren's Castle. It was a dark and scary castle at th... Read Chapter

Fire Orb's Guardian

Death Of The Fire Orb's Guardian "Elder Lyth? Is something wrong?" A voice that had a hint of harshness in it asked, but the voice so... Read Chapter

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy Angels are watching over me tonight, Angels are watching over me tonight, As I'm closing my eyes. I remember a prayer My... Read Chapter

White Orb

White Orb "Are you sure we can't help him?" Nichole asked in a worried tone as she stared up at the elderly blue dragon. Elder Keth w... Read Chapter


The so called boy named Ivan! "Where could she be anyway?" Violet asked as she slid off the dragon's back as he landed. Draconis star... Read Chapter


traitors "We might be able to cover more ground and find her faster if we split up." Nichole suggested. O "Yes, the werewolf is r... Read Chapter

A Vampire's memory

A Vampire's Memory "Are we going the right way?" Elizabeth asked as she followed the white wolf through the forest. Nichole followed ... Read Chapter

Heart of Stone

Heart of Stone Ren took her soulless body to a room full of pictures. It was a small oval shaped room with a long red rug that lead t... Read Chapter

Hilda's prey

Hilda's Prey "Castiel! Slow down!" Cloe ordered. The Prince stopped and turned to the Fairy. O "I don't want to. I only want Ivy ... Read Chapter

Cost of forgiveness

Cost of forgiveness “Looks like this place hasn’t been cleaned in ages. I wonder who owns it.” Castiel walked around what seeme... Read Chapter

Growl heard around the world

The Growl heard around the world Cloe had panic allover her face as she continued to clime to get away from the crazy woman below. He... Read Chapter


A Dragon's Rage part one O “Once upon a time....Long ago there lived only the peaceful...empty world that had no living beings in i... Read Chapter

final part 2

A Dragon's Rage part two: Final Ivy turned to see Craft padding out of the window and to her feet. Thank goodness, Craft. You saved t... Read Chapter